Tuesday, 1 December 2009

Paleo food works and

sorting out too! I've sorted out tons of paper, socks, underwear (ahem) and CDs (63 in the first fast going through, and my racks are still not containing all of them. I guess thats why I don't have the money for a race bike or car or ... (fill in what you'd like).).

Anyway, I cut out dairy products yesterday and today my skin is a LOT better. Bloody Hell! This means no cheese anymore or hot chocolate with Baileys (not good anyway because alcohol sponges your magnesium out (is "sponging out" the right expression?)). This whole drink a glass of red wine everyday is just flapdoodle (hah, my new favourite english word "flapdoodle") to make you buy more wine! (And magnesium supplements and Aspirin afterwards to battle the hangover.)

Today I have to run / march 12 k and it rains! BUGGER!! First I have to write my applications though.

Mampf - Diary, Monday:
BF: 300 ml protein shake chocolate with water instead of milk, 1 sliced apple
Lunch: 1 Dream Apple (Cinnamon is good for your blood sugar. If you want to reduce it, take cinnamon.)
Dinner: Tossed salad with a red bell pepper and baked salmon, 1 Dream Apple
Snacks: 1 Banana, dark chocolate, a bag of nuts (50g)

Keep Running!

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