Tuesday, 1 December 2009

12 km I did it...

Okay, after I wrote my next application and some e-mails I got on my feet and did the 12 k.

The course (12,2 km) was from google maps and the estimated time was 2:28 hrs. I didn't wear my running clothes, but my Nike Free 5.0 and I ROCKED the street. Yeah.

It took me 2:00 hrs flat!

Okay, I had to stop at some traffic lights and to drink and to get another chewing gum, so I was probably a bit faster than that.

The first 90 minutes were fine, after that I had to push myself to keep going and to not take shortcuts. (I'm lazy.)
Next thing was, in the first quarter I found it pretty interesting how many Fast Food Stores were along my way. I mean over the whole 12 km were "uncountable" (told ya, I'm lazy) Fast Food Stores and bakeries, but only 3 fruit and vegetable stores!

Now I don't believe in these conspiracy theories, that the goal of the Fast Food Industry is to make us fat and fatter. They want to make money, alright, but they would provide whatever we want to eat, they don't care so much about what it is. For example, have a look at the big M, what do the people eat when they go there (and I'm no exception)? It's the burgers and fries, not the salad. They offer them and I don't think they are bad either (the salads, not the employees), but the people don't choose to eat them. And this is the way with all the Fast Food Restaurants.

Now at the beginning of the trip I found these food stores funny, at the end of my course I was so hungry, I could have broken with my diet right then and there, because I was ravenous. Luckily for my new lifestyle I had no money on me (useless weight, if you haven't guessed already: I'M LAZY!). So I had to get home and eat there.

When I got home at 4:30 pm, I made myself a wonderfull tossed salad with tomatoes and bell pepper and 3 (!) boiled eggs. Aaahhh, what a relieve! Interestingly, when I got home I had lots of energy, but after I had munched my salad I was totally worn out. I promised myself a special treat, but I had to go and buy it. It took me 5 attempts to get up. The conversation in my head was something like this:

"And off we go" "nah" (no movement whatsoever)
"common" "naaah"(still no movement)
"choooocolate, but we've got to buy it" "uh" (slight movement of the upper body parts)
"common it's not that far" "sigh" (you guessed it: no movement)
"chocolate now!!!" "uuuhhhh maaaaannnnnnnn" (I sloooowly got up)

I bought not only a fabulous treat, but I also got myself magnesium which I can "eat" on the run.

Okay, this is my treat:

Looks delicious, doesn't it? Dark chocolate is better than milk chocolate because it contains less sugar. Due to the Paleo Diet I shouldn't eat chocolate, but as I said before, no one gets between me and my chocolate! This box contains 6 pralines. I've decided that I grant myself one piece after my long slow runs. Therefore it should last for 3 weeks.

Sooo tasty. *sigh*

Okay, todays stats:
time: 2:00:39 hrs
in zone: 38:00 min (I was too slow)
heartreate: 119 bpm

Two posts today, wow, I'm chatty. (Good thing, I don't have an iPhone (yet), otherwise there'd be even more posts.)


PS: Thankfully, it didn't rain! And Monthy Pythons "Always look on the bright side of life" at the right time.

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  1. That little treat looks so goood! I have read and even half heartedly tried the Paleo Diet for athletes. I KNOW it would lean up my off season, growing mid-drift. I may have to get back on the bandwagon with you!