Monday, 31 May 2010

Learning from my mistakes?

Well not so much as it seems.

I've decided to can the schedule for my Taste Bud Adventures. Point is I want to write them whenever I feel like it and not to have some big post looming over my head every Sunday. This "oh, I have to write a food post today" does take the much needed unwinding out of Sunday for me. So from now on you get the Taste Bud Adventures whenever I feel like it.

What has this to do with learning from mistakes? Well, before I started this blog I had two others (I don't even remember the names anymore) while I had absolutely no plan for the first blog, I had a strict schedule for the second blog. I wanted to post a product/service idea every Friday. I kept this up for the same time I did with the Taste Bud Adventures, 2 or 3 weeks. So I should have known that I wouldn't keep my posting schedule, but I thought I'd stick to it now. Doesn't look this way.
In any case, I write this blog for fun, so why put some unnecessary pressure on me?

Yesterday I cooked the Sunday Lunch. Which contained nearly no carbohydrats, since there was no rice, potatoes or bread. It was literally very green and healthy. And besides that really tasty. I could have eaten the kaki and mangetouts just like this, I loved them. Who needs bread if you can have fresh mangetouts?!

By the way this is the fridge that I want for my flat:

The SMEG FAB28CS6 Farbenfroh. It isn't exactly inexpensive, but it's energy efficient and fun.

When I started reading "Gluten-Free Girl" on Friday I felt like I was confirmed time and again. As you know I've already suspected from my own eating trials that I might be allergic to cereals. And reading the symptoms from which Shauna has suffered all her life made me even more certain that I am allergic to gluten. So now I'm cutting out more and more stuff from my diet that makes me ill. Funny thing is, a friend of mine which is a alternative practitioner, recommended the blood type diet. Since my blood type is A I should be eating cereals and not protein to loose weight and get healthy going after this diets recommendations. Well, I guess you can think of what I think about this diet... Hahaha.

This weekend I did my strength drills. My stomach muscles are practically virtually non-existent. When I did my crunches I felt my back muscles after ten crunches! Well anyway, I'll do my drills.

This afternoon I'll have a "Map-Finding"-workshop which is part of my preparation for the assessment center. You know those interview questions like "Where do you see yourself in five years?" and "What is your goal in life?", up until now I could only shrug. This "Map-Finding" will help me to pin my goals down more accuratly especially in career terms. Except for this crazy interview last week, I don't think that potential employers want to hear: "Oh yeah, my goal is to finish Ironman Hawaii in 2017!"
I'll also make an appointment for a self-presentation workshop, since the assessment center will have this part too. This way I'm fully prepared and will rock this ac and get to the next stage, the interview at the company with the Super Job. Stuttgart and international management here I come. My secret plan to take over the work is well under way. Muahahahahaarrrrr!!

Do you have a map for your life or a career plan?


Friday, 28 May 2010

The Oil leak situation isn't funny but this is

Fake BP PR tweets, they are mean but spot on and hilarious. I like especially No. 6, No. 8, No. 9, No. 10 and No. 11.

And straight from the fake BP Twitter page:
"Of course, bp cares about the fishing industry as well. Now, all tuna from the gulf coast comes pre-packaged in oil. #you'rewelcome #yum "


One week of freedom

Time for a little celebratory post!

It's been one week since I've been to my GP and got rid of my addiction to nasal spray.

Until a week ago I wouldn't leave the house without nasal spray, but on Wednesday I even went to Lower Saxony without it. That is a major accomplishment, I haven't done so in more than a decade!

I can't even begin to tell you how glad I am to finally be free of nasal spray. Lately this had me really worried, since the mucosa is very sensitive and important. I've heard horror stories about mucosa that starts to rot and therefore stink and the patient or its Doc can do absolutely nothing about it. No thanks, I really don't need THAT.

Since I'm free of the nasal spray I could go diving this summer. I haven't been for years, I've made my PADI Open Water Diver in 2005. Yes, I've tried a lot of sports until I finally "found" Triathlon. I've also tried gymnastics [I lived in the GDR, what do you think why we got all our olympic medals, we were tested from a very young age! Guess I was a real disappointment for my coaches. *grin*], yoga, skateboarding, mountainbiking, inline-skating, tapdancing, volleyball, track and field, taekwondo, hockey [without the ice], iceskating, cross-country skiing, snowboarding [that was fun, but you need snow and high mountains for it], bodybuilding [way to boring for me and I always loose count and get confused], aerobics [eeek], spinning [yes, loved it.], just running [gets a bit boring with the time and I really like to have a swimmers back and shoulder muscles]. Next on my "I've got to try this" list are: kite surfing, surfing (Maui, here I come!), rock climbing, para gliding, skydiving, wildwater rafting. Yeah, I'm nuts, I know.

And I definitely feel more comfortable in my own skin. I actually like myself and my body a bit more and am on a good way too actually love myself and my body. This is also a major accomplishment.

So in effect I'm really glad I did this homeopathic screening. It really helps if you've got a good doc.

This weekend its strength training (drills) and I'll do my annual tax declaration, plus some serious reading (Harvard Business Manager issue and "gluten-free girl") as for relaxation I'll watch "High Society" with Frank Sinatra, Bing Crosby and Satchmo. Chris has a stiff neck so we probably won't go on our bike ride.

What kind of movies do you like? Have you tried different sports?

PS: Bought myself tons of fresh produce on the farmers market in coffee break, for example fresh pea pods, apricots and apples (Elstar variety). I also got sundried unsulfurized fruit, papaya, dragonfruit and honey melon. Yummy and healthy and free of cereals and bad carbs.


Thursday, 27 May 2010

Lucky Day indeed!

Morning pals.

So I went to Lower Saxony yesterday for the interview. Due to the train time table I had an interview of about 4 hours! No, it wasn't an assessment centre.

First an informal part were the physicists ate their lunch (I "couldn't" eat, otherwise I'd have spilled something on me and then there is my weird eating style [no cereals, etc]) and we talked about triathlon training. Turns out they are triathletes and cyclists too. (During the whole process of the interview I had more than once the impression they invited me just because I'm a triathlete!)

At one o'clock the official interview began, with four in this project involved physicists and engineers (all men) and one woman, the equal opportunity commissioner (how funny is that?! LoL. I'm an engineer, I'm used to work with men![Actually they are easier to handle than an only women team, I'm speaking from experience here.]).
I had to tell them about my studies and why I applied for this job and they told me about the project, it's fascinating and on the edge of technological feasibility. The lead systems engineer asked me if I had a plan for my triathlon "career", so I told them, they were impressed. (My plan is (or was, due to the knee issue) to finish Challenge Roth in 2013!) This interview took about 1:40 hrs. After that I had a small talk with the group manager (physicist) about the monetary issues (the HR is on vacation). The last part was a viewing of the institute, they even showed me the vacuum chambers where they test parts of upcoming satellite instruments and the clean room (from the outside!). Sooo fascinating (for real!)!

The weird thing of this whole day was that I've been completely calm, to say it british "I stayed as cool as cucumber". Normally I'm nervous and sleep like crap the night before, but no. I slept through! Also, after the interview I didn't fall into this whole "oh-what-the-hell-did-I-tell-them-they-never-take-me-I'm-sooo-bad-and-incapable" thing. Okayokayokay, so I found some "better" reasons to the question of why I want to work there, but that's nothing compared to the hell I put myself through after other interviews!

I still think that this job would suit me and I would be fabulous in it (after the starting time).

Anyway, I got home around half past 8 and had some bratwurst and a yogurt. (One after another, I'm not that crazy. [Well, not anymore ;-P])

But the lucky day didn't end with this meal!! Right afterwards I checked my emails and guess what: I've been invited to the assessment center for the master studies!!! Yes, the scream of joy you heard yesterday evening around 9 PM CET was mine. XD
Mark June 18th in your calenders, that is the day when I get assessed, which is the next hurdle on my way to Super Job / Master Studies. STRIKE!!!! Wahoooooooo!

Then I talked for about an hour with a good friend of mine on the phone. So fun, to end a day like this.

Oh, I also found a copy of the Havard Business Manager and you know what the funny thing is? Its title story is about the "global manager", the master studies I apply for is Master of Science for International Management, talk about coincidence. ;-)

Well, this is it. I'm still quite a bit tired and would love to go home and crawl into my bed to just sleep. Yawn!

KEEP MOVING FORWARD! (Don't forget to rest properly!)

Tuesday, 25 May 2010

Getting excited

I feel like I'm on my way to a race. I can hardly wait and I'm tapping my feet with impatience. At the same time I'm scared stiff. And all this just because of the interview tomorrow.

If the interview goes well and I get the job I'll relocate from Saxony to Lower Saxony next month and will be working on a satellite which will be send into space this decade. Wahoo. Me in solar research, whoa, can this be true?

Well my Elle UK horoscope (Virgo) says tomorrow is my lucky day. So...

Good thing I won't have to choose between Super Job and Research Job (which is also super ;-), otherwise I wouldn't know what to do! Both jobs are international and with tons of personal developement possibilities.

Though the "town" where the research fascility is located is really small (pop. 7000), there is the positive side effect of beautiful landscape and relatively low rent. Super Job would be located in Stuttgart where the rents are skyhigh. And I do expect a certain standard when it comes to my home. And lets not forget one thing, I'll work 50 hrs or more per week so I need a nice place to retreat and feel safe. And the Lower Saxony city I would move too even has 50m swimming pool!!!! Hello triathlon training. Wahoo.

Except for that I already did my strength drills and have sore tummy muscles from yesterdays training. Good times.

I'm back on full cereal-hater-ship, since I read some information on what cereals do to my body (awful stuff, if you don't smoke because of your health you should stop eating cereals, potatoes and rice too).

And I'm still free from my nasal spray. Strike!

Hope your week goes well.


Monday, 24 May 2010

Pentecost or WAIT: today is Monday? - Taste Bud Adventures Week 3

I think the title says all. We've got Pentecost or Whitsun in Germany now and today, MONDAY, is public holiday, so I lost track of time and didn't post the Taste Bud Adventures yesterday evening. SORRY.

To answer AZs question. Yes, I'm fine again, some cough here and there but except for that... AND what's even more important: I am FREE from my nasal spray addiction!! HUGE thanks to my GP / Homeopath! Since this worked the other stuff he did will work too and that means.... ahh, that's too private. Let's just say, he cleaned out some psychological issues of mine.
He also gave me homework, I had to read a book and I did it already and put its suggestions to work. So far, everything works out fine.

TASTE BUD ADVENTURES WEEK 3: Cheese without bread

Weird name, huh? Well, as you know I cut out bread from my diet, but I still like cheese, especially fresh creamy goats and sheeps milk cheese. And since this stuff needs something to go along with I came up with this "recipe".

1 pear or apple
your favourite creamy fresh cheese (Try "La Tur Alta Langa", yummy!)

Kitchen appliances:
knife, cutting board or plate

Preparation Time:
2 minutes

Lunch or Dinner or as appetizer (depending on your hunger and the amounts of cheese and fruits)

1. Wash the fruit thoroughly.
2. Cut it in quarters or eighths (depending on the fruitsize), free it of the core and arange it with the cheese on the plate.
3. To eat smear some of the cheese on a piece of fruit.

Et voila.

Have a great new week.


Sunday, 23 May 2010

Super Job Application

Good morning.

It's done. I send out the application for the Super Job / Master study a few minutes ago. Before that I got up at 8 (on a Sunday morning!!!) to write the cover letter, which I made kind of like a check list.

1. finished bachelor studies with communication focus (in my case it's a german engineering diploma which is somewhere between bachelor and master of engineering)? Check
2. Experience in Racing? Check
3. project management experience? Check
And so on.

At 10 o'clock I arrived at my friends house to not only give him his guitar amp (his birthday present, finally (I had it stored for months, but somehow we didn't get around to meet)) but also to combine all the files in one PDF document.

I drove back home and send out the application. Now I'll start with the preparations for Wednesday interview. Solar research here I come. (NASA is shaking like a jelly, because they are so scared of my expertise in this field. LOL (No, the interview is not with the NASA.))

On the sport front. I do some strength drills over the day and that's about it. Depending on the weather I will take my bike to get to class from this week on.

Enjoy your weekends.


Saturday, 22 May 2010

19. Wave-Gothic-Meeting in Leipzig

You find the pics on my photography blog. The atmosphere in Leipzig is fantastic. I'm so happy to be here this weekend.

Believe it or not but the gone sickness seems to have had bad effects on my brain. I totally forgot to apply for Super Job. Luckily it's still posted on the wall, so I write my application now and send it out tomorrow.

Have a great weekend and believe in your dreams, then the Universe will deliver.

Keep moving forward!

Friday, 21 May 2010

Space time: 2010-05-26-1300

We write the year 2010. The earth, in a small town in Lower Saxony a female engineer sets out to change the future of the solar research. (Imagine the Star Trek theme playing in the background and a satellite rushing by...)

Yep, I've got an interview at a well known research fascility, for a job where I should organize a project (project assistent) in a field that, well, how to put it .... ;-P But hey they invited me, major accomplishment since they normally don't accept degrees made at universities of applied sciences! See, to write my last will with 15 and handing down my Star Trek Collection to the NASA was worth something! It got me this interview (only 17 years later, talk about coincidence). ;-)

So this weekend I'll divide my time between taking pictures of the Wave and Gothic festival in Leipzig and learning about solar research. Well, this makes up for an interesting mix, don't you think?!

Originally, Chris and I wanted to make a bike and photo tour to Röcken, where Friedrich Nietzsche was born. But since I still haven't fully recovered... (some coughs here and there, still hoarse)

In 2 hours I'll also know what the culprits for my health issues are. I'll get the results and the first treatment of my homeopathic screening.

Exciting times lie ahead.

A big Thank You to Marit (hilarious post btw) and Big Daddy Diesel and all others for your good wishes.


Wednesday, 19 May 2010

Not fully recovered but slightly less cough attacks

Hey there,

I'm still on sick leave and I can't say I'm too mad about it, since I still have the snot and my right tonsil is still mad at me. Depending on how I feel tonight I'll go to my doc again tomorrow morning, since I don't see any reason to infect my classmates.

There aren't any tri-related news on my part, since I mainly sit at home, read, eat and sleep.

These days I'm interested in recovering and finding a new job, no sport goals, sorry pals.

Besides that my interest in the international economy is revived. Yesterday I found the really interesting website Now I finally know what the BRIC and the MAVINS are, this is all quite interesting. I also like a lot and the, too.

Keep Moving Forward.

Saturday, 15 May 2010

Still sick


I'm still sick, so no training ride tomorrow and no other news today. New posts when I've halfway recovered.

Hope all of you are well.

Keep moving forward, even if you sneeze and cough

Tuesday, 11 May 2010

Chocolate to sore throat

Yesterday afternoon I had the absolute craving for "kinder Schokolade". Normally I don't give in to this craving since I can't stop after one bar, I always eat all eight of them. (Just thinking of it makes me sick now.)

Well, yesterday afternoon I bought and ate it. Which resulted in a asthma attack!! Who would've guessed that I'm allergic to "kinder Schokolade"?!!!! In any case I went home and as soon as I got there I took my asthma spray. HUGE mistake. Why? Well, because right after my nap I had a sore throat and started to cough. This cough went on the whole evening and when it was time to get to sleep the cough subsided and gave way to my throat hurting when I swallow. This kept me awake half of the night. At 3 AM I was fed up and took an Aspirin. Then I could finally sleep.

As you can guess I feel like crap today. My throat is still sore, swallowing still hurts, I just took another Aspirin and I'm freezing. And unfortunately I can't stay in bed today. This evening is an event at the Business School in Berlin where I want to take that masters class and I booked my traintickets yesterday evening. And taking off tomorrow is also not really an option since we'll write a test. Damn!

Well I'll treat myself to a hot chocolate from Starbucks in the breakfast break. Maybe even a Double Chocolate Muffin or not, because my skin is really good at the moment. Cereals are bad for me. Though not as bad as "kinder Schokolade"!!

Oh gawd, I just want to crawl into my bed.


Monday, 10 May 2010

Weight gain and "Matter of Trust" fighting the oil

Dang! 700 grams more than last week. I shouldn't have eaten the cereals last week.

Well, I won't eat cereals this week for sure.

A more serious topic:
Through BBC News I found out about this public charity "Matter of Trust", fighting the oil in the mexican gulf in their very own way, making hair booms.


These guys are amazing to me.


If I had a hair salon, I would send the hair over to them. Maybe you can ask your local hair or dog dresser to help this way?! Or collect the hair (Charity cut in a local park or on main street?!) and send it over to Matter of Trust. I think I have a few dollars left from my trip to Hawaii. I'll check as soon as I get home and send them via air mail to help them buy the needed mesh. If I don't have some left I'll contact them to wire some money to their account. So even if you ar bald, there is a way you can help them, too.

Keep moving forward!

Sunday, 9 May 2010

Taste Bud Adventures - Week 3 - Mini Tomato & Mozzi Salad

Good evening.

Welcome to our weekly Taste Bud Adventures. Todays recipe "Mini Tomato and Mozzi Salad".

But before we begin: the obligatory Sunday bike ride review.

Chris and I met at 10:15 at her place and oh wonder: she was already out and ready! So we decided to drive around the Cospudener Lake again. This time we had our cameras with us and we stopped every now and the then to take pictures. I will post mine throughout the week. The weather was lovely, sunshine but cool enough to not overheat. Summing it up, I was happy to be out there with her. It's always hard to get up in the first place, but as soon as I hit the road I'm glad that I left my bed.
Here are todays stats:
distance: approx 20 k
time: 2:05 hrs (including several photo stops)
in zone: 1:07 hrs
HR: 123 bpm

One thing I'll do differently next Sunday is: I'll make my bed before I leave the house! It's a huge difference if you come home to an uncluttered room or not. Today I came back to a cluttered room and it drained me off all the good energy. Not a feeling I want to experience again.


Cherry Tomatoes
Mini Mozzarella Balls
Olive oil (extra virgin)
Fresh herb for example chive

Kitchen stuff:
Cutting board
knife to cut the tomatoes
oven-safe portion bowl

1. Preheat the oven if you want to eat warm with molten mozzarella. (180° C = 356° F)
2. Wash the tomatoes (take however many you think you need, hungry you are and depending on the size of your bowl)
3. Give a little bit of the oil into the bowl (max. 1 tablespoon) and swirl it around so that the inside of the bowl is oiled.
4. Cut the tomatoes into small quarters or smaller, depending on the tomato size, cut the mozzarella too.
5. Now "layer" the ingredients. First some tomato quarters, then some mozzarella, then add spices (freshly grinded pepper, salt, spice mix, chives). Repeat until bowl is full or you run out of tomatoes / mozzarella.
6. Put the bowl into the preheated oven for 10 to 20 minutes (depending on your oven and how molten you want the mozzarella). Be careful and use the oven mitts!
7. Take it out, using your oven mitts, when the cheese is molten and put it on a heatsafe surface.

Bon Apetit!
(Careful it's hot!)

You can also eat this as a cold salad.

I hope all of your races were successes and your training went well too(Marits did!). If you have time have a look at Tri Diesels wonderful Mothers Day post. I used this weekend to clean and get rid of old stuff. And I thought about how to write my application letter for my super job. I'll be writing and sending it out before Wednesday.

Have a good start in the new week. In Germany it is fortunately a short one. Thursday is public holiday.


Friday, 7 May 2010


I'm really into A*Teens "Bouncing off the ceiling (Upside Down)" this week. I saw a Star Trek Kirk/McCoy Video with it on youtube and I couldn't get it out of my head. So I bought it at iTunes yesterday evening and since then it's only this song I hear. Talking about singlemindedness. ts, ts, ts.

On the job front two things:
1. I still haven't applied for the super job/Master class. The reason: minor but time consuming technical issues with my new MacBook Pro. The data migration didn't work the way I liked it, so I had to copy and paste. Before I could attempt the data migration I had to get a firewire adapter, because "airport" at my old iBook was all "Nonononono, I don't want toooo." (Imagine a pouting technical device!) So I was dragging and dropping and organizing until after midnight.
This evening I'm invited to a friend of mine. K. I'll use this casual meeting to narrow and focus my skill set and strengths with her help. Poor K, she's got no idea what she is in for ;-)
2. Remember that I'm a member of a political party? Well, it has some benefits. Next week is a 1 1/2 day communications workshop on persuasion (In a good way! Never had dispute class(?) and need this desperatly.) for a really, really, really low fee. Just what I needed for the assessment center preparation. Hah. I love my party. (On this note: what's happening in the UK now, is going to be really interesting. A hung parliament, ohh, they're in for HUGE trouble.)

My room is still really neat. Though I will vacuum today after class. Do you have any good ideas how to order a lot of cables in a drawer? The mess in my technology drawer is really getting on my nerves. (Ouuuh, watch out, I'm developing into a neatfreak here ;-)

Yoga and stretching wise I'm getting a bit lazy. I skipped yesterday morning because I was too tired (light insomnia since Sunday, for no apparent reason). And today I was a bit too caught up in updating my financial status to recognize time sneaking around the corner.

The homeopathic screening went really well, I can recommend it wholeheartedly. I've got an appointment for May 21st for the evaluation and start of the treatment. And I'm really excited about it. Obviously almost all of my health issues are due to two problem areas. A scar from a surgery trough my navel and my upper front teeth. And some of my psychological issues could be solved too. Ah, if only my second appointment would be today!!!

Still no clearing for running, but my doc said my leg muscles are strong. (Wonder where he got this idea from?) So on Sunday Chris and I will hit the road with our bikes again.
Except for that this weekend is all about the superjob and getting my other applications out. Today I need to find out how to export and change pics in iPhoto 2009. As soon as I find out, you'll get some pill art in this post.
Here it is:

This lunch break I saw a woman with thighs as "thick" as my upper arms. It looked horrible. Like she walked on twigs instead of legs.

Good luck to Missy, Molly and all others of you for your race days (oh well, training too). I cross fingers and toes for you.

(PS: Don't forget Mothers Day!)


Wednesday, 5 May 2010

Have a great goal and the rest will follow

Preparations galore for the most important application for my future as world leader namely the masters study / super job.

I have to get the certificate from my time in the Student Racing Team at my former University scanned. Did you know I was one of the design engineers of undercarriage parts of the Ty 2003/2004 race car?! Yep, I'm a real engineer!

My MacBook Pro arrived this morning. Apple FOREVER! It was delivered 1 week earlier than they first said. Thanks Apple, thanks UPS, thanks chinese manufacturers. I love you all!

My room is still neat (72 hours and counting ;-), even though I'm still tidying it.

I had heartburn yesterday and have bad skin today from the cereals of the last two days. No more cereals. I'm High Potential. High Potentials don't eat bad stuff!

My bank counselor at "Deutsche Bank" asked for my advice concerning a laptop for her daughter (5 th grade). I gave it to her. Naturally I couldn't help myself and promoted Apple, but within her best interest and according to her needs and specifications.

I've brought tons of food today. 7 Mini-meatballs (made by my mom), 2 sliced apples, 1 chocolate pudding (no cereal, but 75% dark chocolate, that's what I call "perfect snack") and 6 radishes.

I shouldn't have talked about my knee yesterday, because it acted up yesterday evening and feels weird right now. Good thing I see my doc this afternoon. Funny thing, the mom of my friend has an appointment right before me. Fluke.

This morning I did my stretching and yoga. Does your neck crackle when you move your head? Mine does. But I don't hear it when I have my iPod on. So for the neck moves I always turn the music off.

Yesterday evening I had a looong talk with a friend of mine and she gave me back my self esteem. (No she hadn't borrowed it! Don't know why it was with her. Hahaha) And since she worked for the company which has the super job / masters study and knows my workstyle and skill set she told me I'm a perfect fit. *happy sigh*

My elle uk horoscope for this month is great. Going after that, I'll get the superjob / masters class. Strike!

Since I'm member of a political party (liberal), I think of working in one of their committee of experts, but first I have to get THE job.

Have you ever been part of a political party or considered it?


Tuesday, 4 May 2010

Taking a step back to get forward - Post 150

I'll apply for a special job that is combined with getting a Masters degree.(Since I plan to rule the world, a MSc. would help and the job is great.)

Due to a really nightmarish doctor appointment I strayed from my no cereals rule yesterday.
(Gynecologists I hate them and whoever came up with their test methods should be spanked. I get cramps just thinking about this appointment.)

I've strayed from my no cereal rule today too, due to major stupidity, I didn't pack enough food for class.

My room has been neat for 48 hours now. That's a record. That's all thanks to Colin Cowie. Another week of keeping it this need and the man should be decorated.

My knee feels good and tomorrow I see my doc, so I might start with running again this weekend. ´

The last two days I stretched and did two yoga positions before leaving for class.

Unfortunately I slept like crap in the last 2 nights and that after being awake way longer than I wanted too.

My current weight is 64,2 kg. (At least it was before I ate cereals.)

I feel sick from the bagels. It was a bad decision to eat them. And even worse to forget to bring enough food.

My big scheme is to own 333.333,- € on my banking accounts in 10 years.

Apple is fast, my new MacBook will arrive on Thursday. Wahooo.

Keep moving FORWARD!
But sometimes you have to take a step back to see the way through the bog.

Sunday, 2 May 2010

Taste Bud Adventures - Week 2 - Buckwheat Salad

Good evening my lovely readers.

Time for the weekly recipe. In this edition I want you to give you an easy, healthy and fast dish for taking with you to work or class, a buckwheat salad.

But before that come the stats of my wonderful Sunday Morning Training ride, which took us this time to the Cospudener Lake. The weather was perfect for this training ride, cool and cloudy but without rain. Though it seemed like it would start a few times. And it is raining now. In any case we had a fantastic time, I stayed in my zone directly under the red line for a very long stretches, high training effect if you ask me.
Okay the stats:
distance: ca. 15 to 20 k
time: 1:34 hrs
in zone: 1:04 hrs
HR: 129 bpm

Back to this weeks recipe.

Buckwheat Salad

cherry tomatoes
fresh herbs
some Aceto balsamico cremoso or pumpkin seed oil

Needed kitchen stuff:
knife, cutting board, a bowl, a colander, a watertight container to take the salad to work with

with the soaking two hours or over night
without the soaking 10 to 15 minutes depending on your knife and kitchen skills

(My) Preparations:
In the evening I washed the buckwheat in the colander to get rid of the really fine particles. Then I put it into the bowl and added so much lukewarm water that the buckwheat was covered but didn't float. Test out how much water you need with your bowls and your taste. Due to osmosis a lot of the important minerals wander out into the water, these minerals is what our body needs. You have to keep the water and the minerals! So try to get the right amount of crunchiness of the buckwheat for your taste, without giving your buckwheat swimming lessons.
Now close the bowl off (a plate of the right size does the job) and put it in the fridge until the morning.

In the morning take the bowl out of the fridge on the way to the bathroom, so it can warm up a little bit.

Time for the cutting. Cut the tomatoes in really small cubes, add them to the buckwheat and stir.

Now get the fresh herbs, clean them and chop them.

Add them to the buckwheat and tomatoes, stir again. Season to taste and put it into your container for work. Done.

One word of advice. The fresh herbs really, really, really add taste to the salad over time. So don't season too much, because the taste will develop over the next few hours. And remember to bring your spoon. ;-)

Bon Apetit!

Have a good new week and I hope your weekend was as enlightening as mine.