Tuesday, 11 May 2010

Chocolate to sore throat

Yesterday afternoon I had the absolute craving for "kinder Schokolade". Normally I don't give in to this craving since I can't stop after one bar, I always eat all eight of them. (Just thinking of it makes me sick now.)

Well, yesterday afternoon I bought and ate it. Which resulted in a asthma attack!! Who would've guessed that I'm allergic to "kinder Schokolade"?!!!! In any case I went home and as soon as I got there I took my asthma spray. HUGE mistake. Why? Well, because right after my nap I had a sore throat and started to cough. This cough went on the whole evening and when it was time to get to sleep the cough subsided and gave way to my throat hurting when I swallow. This kept me awake half of the night. At 3 AM I was fed up and took an Aspirin. Then I could finally sleep.

As you can guess I feel like crap today. My throat is still sore, swallowing still hurts, I just took another Aspirin and I'm freezing. And unfortunately I can't stay in bed today. This evening is an event at the Business School in Berlin where I want to take that masters class and I booked my traintickets yesterday evening. And taking off tomorrow is also not really an option since we'll write a test. Damn!

Well I'll treat myself to a hot chocolate from Starbucks in the breakfast break. Maybe even a Double Chocolate Muffin or not, because my skin is really good at the moment. Cereals are bad for me. Though not as bad as "kinder Schokolade"!!

Oh gawd, I just want to crawl into my bed.