Tuesday, 25 May 2010

Getting excited

I feel like I'm on my way to a race. I can hardly wait and I'm tapping my feet with impatience. At the same time I'm scared stiff. And all this just because of the interview tomorrow.

If the interview goes well and I get the job I'll relocate from Saxony to Lower Saxony next month and will be working on a satellite which will be send into space this decade. Wahoo. Me in solar research, whoa, can this be true?

Well my Elle UK horoscope (Virgo) says tomorrow is my lucky day. So...

Good thing I won't have to choose between Super Job and Research Job (which is also super ;-), otherwise I wouldn't know what to do! Both jobs are international and with tons of personal developement possibilities.

Though the "town" where the research fascility is located is really small (pop. 7000), there is the positive side effect of beautiful landscape and relatively low rent. Super Job would be located in Stuttgart where the rents are skyhigh. And I do expect a certain standard when it comes to my home. And lets not forget one thing, I'll work 50 hrs or more per week so I need a nice place to retreat and feel safe. And the Lower Saxony city I would move too even has 50m swimming pool!!!! Hello triathlon training. Wahoo.

Except for that I already did my strength drills and have sore tummy muscles from yesterdays training. Good times.

I'm back on full cereal-hater-ship, since I read some information on what cereals do to my body (awful stuff, if you don't smoke because of your health you should stop eating cereals, potatoes and rice too).

And I'm still free from my nasal spray. Strike!

Hope your week goes well.