Monday, 10 May 2010

Weight gain and "Matter of Trust" fighting the oil

Dang! 700 grams more than last week. I shouldn't have eaten the cereals last week.

Well, I won't eat cereals this week for sure.

A more serious topic:
Through BBC News I found out about this public charity "Matter of Trust", fighting the oil in the mexican gulf in their very own way, making hair booms.


These guys are amazing to me.


If I had a hair salon, I would send the hair over to them. Maybe you can ask your local hair or dog dresser to help this way?! Or collect the hair (Charity cut in a local park or on main street?!) and send it over to Matter of Trust. I think I have a few dollars left from my trip to Hawaii. I'll check as soon as I get home and send them via air mail to help them buy the needed mesh. If I don't have some left I'll contact them to wire some money to their account. So even if you ar bald, there is a way you can help them, too.

Keep moving forward!

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