Monday, 31 January 2011

What a great start

for a new week.

Three good things in one morning:
  1. I had an awesome apple-omelette for breakfast. It was made of 3 eggs, 1/2 apple and salt/pepper/"fine herbes" spice, baked/fryed in coconut oil. Yummy and quite filling, I will cut down to 2 eggs tomorrow. This is so much better than my chocolate proteine shake. I love it. Now I just have figure out different recipes and get faster.

  2. I looked in the mirror before I left the house and thought "Wow, I look beautiful". This is a FIRST. I mean, the best I thought of me until now was: "Not bad". And this morning I've thought somthing this nice when I looked at myself. I'm making major progress here!!

  3. I figured out how to stop sabotaging myself. You know until now I had some habits that were leading me away from my goals. These habits I had taken on, because of my rebellious nature. Now, I use my inner rebel to get to my goals! For example: Caring for my body. Most people don't care well for their body, they eat wrong, smoke, don't exercise, get inadequate sleep, don't groom themselves. So I'm a rebel and do all that and will look fantastic and live fantastic even at 90. You get my drift? Same goes for style and other stuff.
So all in all this is a fantastic start into a new week.

I wish all of you a magical week.


Sunday, 30 January 2011

Paleojourney - A Mac Photo Booth Diary - Week 4 + Whole30 Start

Okay, the first month of "fully" Primal is over. Frankly, I haven't reached my weight goal, which was an easy 59,9 kg. The reasons? My cold at the start of the month and the last week, eating a Lebkuchen (because my mom frustrated me to no end) and celebrating my new job this Friday with friends (2 Desperados beers, 1 coke, 1 salad with a side of baguette, Tortilla chips). So today I weighed 60,9 kg, which is exactly the same as on December 31st. At the start of this week I was down to 60,2 kg. Well, that's what I get when I don't keep my insulin low and eat wheat.

Since I still have my skin issues and I wasn't 100% Paleo and got the receipt for it, I've decided to do the "Whole 30" starting today. Which essentially means eating real food for 30 days straight. I'll "Cut out all the inflammatory, insulin-spiking, calorie-dense but nutritionally sparse food groups for a full 30 days." (

Here is what I won't eat for the next 30 days:
  • added sugar of any kind, real or artificial
  • processed foods
  • alcohol
  • grains
  • legumes
  • dairy
  • white potatoes
This is essentially the Paleo Diet as proposed by Dr. Cordain and I won't step on my scale for the next 30 days (rule of the Whole30). Since it's all about the other changes and not my weight, though I will probably loose some fat. But most importantly I want my skin and health to improve, remember there is still my knee issue that prevents me from running (*annoyed sigh*). The real challenge will be when I move to Stuttgart around the 20th. I'll really have to dial my food usage and amounts in until then. Dormitary and a new job in a new city, quite the challenge.

Okay, now I'm off to Starbucks (I'll drink a tea {it's not only cheaper but also sugarfree, so ten times better then the Chocolate Mocha I had these past weeks} and water, I'll bring Brazil nuts should I need a snack), after all I still have a lot of reading to do until 23rd and I simply can't stand it to stay at home all day anymore. Which is an interesting change of pace, I've had no problem with it a few weeks ago.

Enjoy your Sundays and have a good start into the new week.


Friday, 28 January 2011


Wohooo. Only a few more hours and you can relax, so keep up your spirits. Only 24 days for me and I start out at my new company. I'm feeling great today. Isn't it wonderful, only one day of not talking to my mom lifts my spirits to this height. Good thing I'm not afraid of heights. Hihi.
Additionally the weather is pretty good, we have something that you could call sunshine and to fight the cold I have my amazing winter coat. So all is well.

Enjoy your Fridays.


Thursday, 27 January 2011

New team member

May I introduce you to my new team member: Mashimaro.

I bought him today. The reason? I need a physical reminder of my goals (learning fluent japanese and living in Japan for at least a year) and an ally battling Elliot (my dragon) and his stupid ideas (like not reading the assigned reading for my first masters classes).
I know, I know: Mashimaro is a korean rabbit, but this is good too, because during my masters class that goes along with my new job we will take a trip to China or Brazil. I'll take the China trip and then visit South Korea and Japan. Mashimaro is a good reminder for this goal too. And for starting with a Japanese class in Autumn. Besides that, Mashimaro is just really cute. From what I've read it is a really cool and cheeky rabbit, so he's just perfect to battle Elliott and his anxiety, complexes and procrastination issues.
Before you think I'm totally crazy, it's these little mind games that keep me moving forward. And yes, I know that Elliott and Mashimaro aren't real, they are just psychological tricks I use to accomplish my goals.

Yesterday was an odd day for me, I had another row (in lack of a better word) with my mom and then sank into a really bad mood, mulling things over until they looked bleak and horrible (moving into a dormitory in Stuttgart at my age and the major hook of the job, not the dormitory LoL). Thanks to that I did get only 2 hours of sleep last "night" from 6AM to 8AM.
Luckily, I've changed my thought patterns
enough already to get back in positive territory by 3:30 AM. I realized a few thought and behaviour patterns and took some action to break them, like throwing away all advertising pens (I don't need them and I sure as hell don't want to move them to Stuttgart). Cleaning up at 4:30AM might be a bit weird, but it felt good and got me grounded.

So, one of the decisions I made is that I'll reduce the contact to my mom to the absolute necessary minimum. It's sad to do this, but necessary for me since she doesn't accept the boundaries I set and draws me down into negativity. I'm over 30 and capable of doing things on my own. She seriously questioned my ability to finish this master course successfully. Gee, thanks Mom, just what I needed when I start out. And that is exactly the reason for getting Mashimaro today and going to Starbucks, it's become my haven of sanity. Mashimoro will fight with me to get back to my real personality and get rid of the timid person my mom and former teachers/friends/colleagues made me. I'm different than the average woman and I'm proud to be different. (Never guessed that, huh? LoL)

I'm not sure if I have what it takes to be best of my class, but I'll strive for it. This is a first in my life, until now I never thought I'd be good enough or that it would mean something for me if I put in some effort and accomplished something. Now I know that it is definitely worth to put in the effort and strive for being the best. Even if I fail in this attempt, I will inevitably end up higher as when I put in no effort. And it will definitely pay off. Maybe not in money, maybe not in the near future, but it will pay off eventually.

Do you have allies in your battles? Even if they are only represented by a stuffed animal?!

Oh yeah, nearly forgot. Only 300 grams to go to my January weight goal. Might be that I reach it tomorrow. Wohoo.

KEEP MOVING FORWARD!! If you need it, find yourself some allies.
...and stuffed anime charakters are just fine for this. (But remember: only talk to them in privacy! ;-)

Tuesday, 25 January 2011

My secret to weight loss is

sleep and magnesium. I just realized it again today.

Even though my sleep wasn't that deep, when I woke up my weight was down another 300 grams. So my January weight goal is certainly within reach. I just have to get to bed early and make sure that I get at least 300mg of Magnesium that day. 600 mg is better though.

Getting to bed early is also important because even though I tend to not sleep in (sleeping in = getting up after 10AM), I will have to get up 2 hours earlier in about a month, so I have to shift my sleeping time accordingly. This should get interesting, I will stay at a dormitory of my company for the first months (until I have found my new studio) and I always have had a different wake/sleep cycle than other students (going to bed relatively early, can be pretty annoying).

So, for the next month I train myself to get to bed early (10PM) and drink lots of magnesium (600mg), so that I fit into my old trousers and suits easily when I start at my new company. And I will keep my insulin levels on a low level, no spikes allowed. This should get interesting.

The weather is back to crap again, it can't decide between rain and snow and the temperatures are around the freezing point. So running is no possibility, but I do my stretching and some other routines.

Funny thing happened the other evening, when I layed down to read a bit before turning off the light and I layed on the side my legs felt weird. It took me a minute to realizes what was the weird thing, it was the fact that my legs layed bone on bone. I haven't had this in years! And my calves look like I've got tons of muscles and strength. They were always quite strong and now they look like it again, more and more definition. I love this.


Monday, 24 January 2011

Paleojourney - A Mac Photo Booth Diary - Week 3

I know, I'm one day late. I simply forgot it yesterday, since I was half asleep the whole day. Today I'm fine though. One more week and the 1. Paleo month is over, I hope that I reach my weight goal, but I don't think there'll be a problem.

Have a magical week everyone.

Saturday, 22 January 2011

Finally: the YES

After another "No" I finally got the "YES"! You know what that means. I'll move again and won't bore you any longer with finding-a-job-talk. Wohoo. I'll move back to the "Ländle", meaning Baden-Württemberg, but luckily to a big city this time.

It's the job with the major hook and but I've decided that the rest outweighs the hook by far. After all it's an engineers dream job and it has everything that I'm good in and it gives me the opportunity to further develop my skillset and I "clicked" with my colleagues and boss, so there..

In any case it should get interesting, since it is a big company and they have some sport program, so as soon as I'll set my foot in there I'll find out about the training possibilities and then I'll restart my training. Until then it is leaning out and getting the food right and getting an appointment with a special doc for sorting out the knee issue.

And keeping Elliott at bay. This little monster of mine has gone into overdrive since yesterday, buy this, buy that. But I won't buy anything new yet, for several reasons. I need nothing new right this moment is a major one. I'm saving up for my Rimowa Topas Cabin Trolley and my iPod touch are two others. I'm getting rid of body fat so my body changes is the next. And then the shopping possibilities in the Southwest are better also. So there...

Okay, got to do my hair and then use the beautiful weather to get some things done, like shoes to the cobbler, public library, buying groceries, etc.

Hope all of you are well and enjoy your weekends.


Thursday, 20 January 2011

What I like about Starbucks

That I can trink lovely beverages and eat THE chocolate cake while working undisturbed in a great, comforting atmosphere with people around me that like the same things that I like, for example: Apple (MacBook Pros), stylish clothes and reading, learning, chatting with friends or just enjoying to be in company of other people while doing your own things.

Pics from my trainride to Villingen in the Black Forest on Tuesday. Took those pics between Mannheim and Karlsruhe.

Starbucks really succeeded in creating a place where you feel comfortable to spend time working or hanging out. Wished they had longer opening hours in the evening 8:30 PM or 9 o'clock is just toooooooo early to close shop.

I'm so crazy about this place, I'd love to buy one of those small bistro tables. Either the one with the writing or the one with the chess board. And don't get me started on the pictures. Sigh. You know what? I would love to have their interior design team to come to my kitchen and turn it into one with Starbucks flair. I'm really crazy about that company. And no, I didn't get payed to write this article.

What is your favourite "third place"?


Wednesday, 19 January 2011

Crappy day + some positive things

This day was totally off and not only for me.

Starting off the day: with bad hair. I didn't get my hair under control, I hadn't had this kind of trouble with my hair in months!!! Just what I needed.

Then my dress trousers for interviews weren't fitting anymore, they literally hang on me. Yes, fine, Paleo eating works, but why can't those darned trousers shrink with me? Oh, I did look fine, but would you want to draw your trousers up every few steps and yes, that is with a belt?

Afterwards I had a little mishap on the train to Stuttgart. Just what I needed. (rolling eyes)

My interview went downhill just from the start (1PM, the worst time of day for an interview with me, I'm totally unabled to concentrate at this time of day.). While we seemed to click on a personal level, the rest was definitely crap from my point of view. The job is cool, but the major hook remains.. Pfffffffff.

Then I didn't get my Starbucks-after-interview-treat because there was no time in Stuttgart or Frankfurt (Deutsche Bahn, argh) and Starbucks had already closed when I arrived in Leipzig. Thank you very much. (spoken through clenched teeth, grrrrrrrr)

Then the zipper drawer of my new bag ripped, it's a leather handbag and not a cheap one. AAAAAARRRRRRRRGGGGGGGGGGHHHHHHHH So, tomorrow I will not only write new applications, but also return my bag. Just what I need at the moment.

And when I finally arrived home, what did I find in my mailbox? Yes, another "NO". Well, can't say I cared about that one. Nevertheless, you have to admire the accuracy of the universe, just fitting as a finish of this day.

Oh, and my friend canned her oral exam as alternative practitioner. Well, it's said to be tougher than the written, still ...

I just hope that your days were better than this.

But there were a few positive things today too:

my trousers hang on me

I timed everything perfectly

I ate gluten-free and primal these two days on the road (due to the Starbucks issue today *grumble*)

I realized that I have finally closed the Villingen chapter of my life

I enjoyed my short stay with my friend A

Even though I'm fed up, my mood is surprisingly good


Sunday, 16 January 2011

Paleojourney - A Mac Photo Booth Diary - Week 2

My cold is more or less gone, I'm free of nasal spray again and I'm taking big steps forward in my personal development, more on that when I sorted out my thoughts. So I'm feeling fine overall, sorry for the last meltdown.

For the giveaway. Jennifer the running shirt is yours if you want it, I just need your contact information. You'll find my blog e-mail adress in my profile for the next week. Otherwise it goes to Keith, should be interesting to see him in that outfit. *snicker*

Enjoy your Sunday everyone and


Saturday, 15 January 2011

The power of vulnerability by Brene Brown

A talk at TED. I just watched this talk and it deeply resonated within me. So I wanted to share.

Enjoy your weekends.


Thursday, 13 January 2011

At the end of my latin

First the positive news. I'm still on paleo and the cold is almost gone. And even though I gained a little weight back, due to my cycle, I feel that I'm making progress.

Can't say that jobwise. I got another few "No"s back, though nothing dramatic and for jobs that weren't exactly what I am looking for. In one case I was even wandering what took them so long. However my selfconfidence is bruised (because of a no to a practical training, that I asked for on a whim in a store in Leipzig yesterday, they looked for trainees, I knew I probably wouldn't fit, they were nice and totally reasonable, I probably would've done the same, nevertheless, it was a blow).
I'm the perfect job candidate on paper but somehow I never get an offer. I've done my fair share of improvements (communication training, reediting my CV after I've shown it too HR experts, some testing, additional training, etc.), it didn't help.

(my happy place: Mauna Kea Observatories. Unfortunately the University of Hawaii has no need for me as it looks...)

The problem is that nobody seems to be abled to help me. Even my friends that are also engineers are totally clueless of what is going wrong, they don't understand it either and don't know how to help me, except for listening to my "tantrums".

Yes, I know I just have to apply until I get yes. I KNOW THAT! But try to write a compelling application when your selfconfidence is hiding in the cellar and won't come out, even when you try to lure it out with a Starbucks chocolate mocha (I know it isn't paleo, but I love it and on some days I simply need a treat). Darn it.

Well, enough of that, I have to write a few applications. Starbucks and McKinsey here I come.


Sunday, 9 January 2011

Paleojourney - A Mac Photo Booth Diary - Week 1

Hi there. Yesterday my nose was really sporty, it ran a 50 mile race. Today it is luckily sore and therefore just stuck. ;-) Anyway, due to the sickness I also gained some weight back. The reason are those darned cough drops, they send my insulinlevels on a rollercoaster ride, which is something that I try get out of my system with the paleo eating. Insulin spikes are the culprit for diabetes 2, since I really can do without diabetes I eat Paleo, it is one of the many reasons.
Luckily my throat is almost back to normal, so I don't need those cough sweets anymore and my goal for this next week is to keep my insulinlevels on a relatively steady low.

Today it is weekplanning, cleaning my flat and some much needed pampering myself. Oh and lunch at my parents: veal. Yumm.

Remember to take part in my Giveaway, Ladies!


Friday, 7 January 2011

decluttering again and a giveaway for the ladies

Okay, so yesterday evening, I cleaned under my bed at 11 PM. Thanks to vitamin d. Weird stuff this vitamin.

Today I decluttered my wardrobe, again. I don't know how often I decluttered my wardrobe in the last 2 years, but it doesn't matter, there's always more stuff to get rid off (*annoyed sigh*). Three bags of clothes go to goodwill and one bag goes directly to the garbage.

I also went through my training clothes, my reaction was: "Whoa, I didn't know I have this much". And therefore we get to my "Giveaway". My Gore running shirt. We all have our favourite brands, because of the cuts, colors or for no particular reason at all. Well, Gore running wear certainly isn't my favourite brand. This is why I only wore this shirt once and never again, after I bought it. It's an European 38 or US M and you probably guessed it already, it is a shirt for women. It has a keybag at the back with reflectors. Really practical. Here are some pics:

Since it is running wear and not that inexpensive and we all like good free stuff, here is my proposal: You like and want it? Then comment to this post and I'll pick the lucky lady randomly next Friday at noon CET (14.1.11, 12 o'clock CET). Yes, this GiveAway is international and I'll pay for the shipping.

This is it for today. Enjoy your weekend and stay healthy. Colds suck.


Thursday, 6 January 2011

Streamlining life

or at least my flat.

It is really funny, the longer I live on my own the more organized I become. (Wohoo) Since I made the "mistake" to take vitamin d in the evening I'm still farely awake and used the last half hour to clean and organize my kitchen (even more).

When I was a teen I always liked those places with lots of stuff, back then I really would have liked to live in one of those artsy places that you can find at Nowadays I still like to look at them and yes maybe stay there for a day or two, but I wouldn't want to live there anymore. These days I really like wide open spaces with some decoration but only some pieces, most surfaces should be free! What is also fascinating me is that even though my walls are bare, I feel fine. Okay, my entrance "hall" could use a bit of color. But my living/sleeping room is fine as it is. I have a monstrous desk, which houses tons of stuff, but I would like to have on of those "old" french, white and really filigree desks (only one or two drawers max). So currently I'm trying to figure out how to get rid of or reorganize all this stuff my monster desk houses. There is still an ikea bag full of stuff from my move, that I haven't put into my desk, simply for the reason of reducing it, before I put it into the desk. Looks like a good thing to do this Saturday, since I won't be going to swim with this darned cold.

I also realized that I work a lot better with a clear desk. Though I haven't managed the feat of having it constantly clear and organized, I'm a lot better now that I live in my own space. Same goes for my wardrobe. I've reorganized it last year and threw out tons of clothes, but I'm still feeling that there is tooo much clothing. I think I will sort out another bag of clothing this weekend.

You could say that I'm currently evolving from pack rat to streamlined "insert appropriate term here". This is so new to me, that I don't even know how to call it. And this goes on in every part of my life. I remember that one IT guy once told me after seeing my desktop, that he had never seen such an uncluttered desktop before! (*proudly grinning*)

In any case, I also noticed, that I get more and more "obsessive" about food presentation. Since I cook for myself now, I want my meals not only be paleo and delicious, but also to look good! And I mean good as in a foodie blog kind of way. When I went grocery shopping today, I went by the bakery and I just thought "Yuk". Not so much because I dislike grains and know how bad they are for me, but because the displayed food was so boring. Nearly everything was in some shade of brown. Seriously, why would anyone want to buy this boring stuff? Whatever...

I decided to really work on my presentation skills, when it comes to food (photography). I also have to take my cooking a step further, because I won't be abled to cook my lunch fresh in a few weeks. This means I have to come up with recipes for paleo food that I can prepare the night before without hassle while doing my dinner. Best would be some part of the dinner to take with me. Mmmh. And again, this food has to be healthy, yummy and look good (better than cafeteria food anyway). Quite a challenge.

Any helpful suggestions?


Aissssshhhhh (beware maybe TMI)

So, now I've got a "full" cold, but thanks for the good wishes and advice. The throat isn't sore anymore but has "lovely" tasting mucus on it and last night my nose was closed, but it isn't running, yet. Since I needed sleep desperately, I took some nasal spray. After 7 months of freedom!! Aishhhh. Well, I will only take it at night as to be abled to sleep and only for the nights that it is absolutely necessary.

Going to my parents yesterday maybe wasn't the smartest idea, because I ate some toast and cookies. Which lead to a bloated stomach, which left me feeling as if I had suddenly gained a 100 pounds. Eeeeshhh. I also drank a lot of tea, but I'm really unsure where it went!?! Mmmh, I'll definitely not weigh myself until the end of the month. And as of today I'm back to normal Paleo - eating. Conventional diet is BAD, bad, bad for me. I just have to buy some food later on. I'm running out of milk and eggs and veggies and coconut oil. By the way, the recipe from last weeks taste bud adventures is good with hard boiled eggs and pork tenderloin too.

I'll present you another easy and really delicious recipe soon, one ingredient are carrots.

Hope all of you feel alright.


Wednesday, 5 January 2011

Sore throat

I wouldn't call it a cold yet, because my nose is perfectly fine and there aren't too many coughs yet. However, my throat is dry und uncomfy since yesterday from about noon. So the night was really uncomfy, I was only halfsleeping and waking up every hour or so to drink a bit.

All cough and sore throat drops come with either sugar or artificial sweeteners and those are probably wreaking havoc with my insulin levels, which is just the wrong time since high insulin levels suppress the immune system. Darn it. Thanks to the pharma industry my cold will stick around longer. Yes, I could go without, but that would mean I'd have to drink gallons of tea and there is a limit to that too.

So, instead of going to the National Library for writing some applications, I went to my parents to write them there. It's warmer, I can drink tea and I don't disturb anyone with an occasional cough. And I can take naps whenever I feel like it.

Oh, by the way, this is my first "cold" since May last year.


Sunday, 2 January 2011

Paleojourney - A Mac Photo Booth Diary - Week 0

I've got back on the Paleo / Primal track last week, as I've told you and I thought it would be fun to track the changes in my face via my Macs Photo Booth. Because I will probably not recognize the incremental changes when I look into my mirror. So from today on I will take Photo Booth pictures of my face every Sunday. No make up, no photoshopping, just plain Photo Booth.

So here are todays "Starting" pictures. One week into Paleo eating.

Interested in the Paleo lifestyle and it's benefits, here are some links:,, and for the fun part


Saturday, 1 January 2011

Happy New Year!

I wish you all the best for 2011! May this be a very successfull year in all areas of life for all of us.

I was successfull already in avoiding the NYE stress, I stayed at home and enjoyed the fireworks from my window. It was amazing, as if the whole city of Leipzig was making this firework just for me. ;-) I live on the ninth floor and the sight was perfect yesterday, so I could enjoy 6 hours of fireworks. After midnight it was naturally the most and went on for about 45 minutes. I was bored after 15 minutes and went back to bed! Yes, "back to"! I was tired even before midnight, but since I couldn't sleep in right away, I got up for the "main show" and had a look at what my three fortune cookies said about the next year. I had bought 2 of them and got one for free. The cashier in the asia market was giggling, because every customer bought fortune cookies yesterday and they gave one for free to every customer too.

So here is what the fortune cookies said:
  1. You will meet an old friend on Friday.
  2. You will always be surrounded by true friends.
  3. Good news will be yours at your next medical.
Sounding good, huh? Well, I can guess already what the good news at my next medical will be. Probably that my ferritin level has gotten significantly higher or that my liver is happy, now that I eat low carb and therefore it doesn't have to produce triglycerides anymore or that my bodyfat percentage is significantly less then last year (my scale showed 60,7 kg this morning!). By the way, Januarys weight goal are a stable 59 kg showing on the scale. Less is fine though. Going by the daily movement of the last days I will accomplish this goal without any struggles. Wohoo.

Other goals for this year in no apparent order: getting a fantastic job (alright this is one of utmost importance), getting my bodyfat down to 15% (it hovers currently around 30%, I really have to reprogram my scale!), gaining lean muscle and strength, leaning out my closet even more, running a 10k race (preferably in one hour, but for that I need more strength first), finishing tasks and projects, learn japanese, buy an iPod Touch with 32GB within the first half of the year (I need it for the japanese learning), eat Paleo for 90% of the time, surprising the hell out of my docs.

(San Francisco December 2008)

To achieve all this, I already did some week planning for the next two weeks, including swimming and pampering myself on Saturdays and cleaning on Sundays (not that there is much to do, somehow I have become pretty organized since I moved into my own space). Should be interesting if I adhere to my own schedule or not.