Sunday, 9 January 2011

Paleojourney - A Mac Photo Booth Diary - Week 1

Hi there. Yesterday my nose was really sporty, it ran a 50 mile race. Today it is luckily sore and therefore just stuck. ;-) Anyway, due to the sickness I also gained some weight back. The reason are those darned cough drops, they send my insulinlevels on a rollercoaster ride, which is something that I try get out of my system with the paleo eating. Insulin spikes are the culprit for diabetes 2, since I really can do without diabetes I eat Paleo, it is one of the many reasons.
Luckily my throat is almost back to normal, so I don't need those cough sweets anymore and my goal for this next week is to keep my insulinlevels on a relatively steady low.

Today it is weekplanning, cleaning my flat and some much needed pampering myself. Oh and lunch at my parents: veal. Yumm.

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