Tuesday, 25 January 2011

My secret to weight loss is

sleep and magnesium. I just realized it again today.

Even though my sleep wasn't that deep, when I woke up my weight was down another 300 grams. So my January weight goal is certainly within reach. I just have to get to bed early and make sure that I get at least 300mg of Magnesium that day. 600 mg is better though.

Getting to bed early is also important because even though I tend to not sleep in (sleeping in = getting up after 10AM), I will have to get up 2 hours earlier in about a month, so I have to shift my sleeping time accordingly. This should get interesting, I will stay at a dormitory of my company for the first months (until I have found my new studio) and I always have had a different wake/sleep cycle than other students (going to bed relatively early, can be pretty annoying).

So, for the next month I train myself to get to bed early (10PM) and drink lots of magnesium (600mg), so that I fit into my old trousers and suits easily when I start at my new company. And I will keep my insulin levels on a low level, no spikes allowed. This should get interesting.

The weather is back to crap again, it can't decide between rain and snow and the temperatures are around the freezing point. So running is no possibility, but I do my stretching and some other routines.

Funny thing happened the other evening, when I layed down to read a bit before turning off the light and I layed on the side my legs felt weird. It took me a minute to realizes what was the weird thing, it was the fact that my legs layed bone on bone. I haven't had this in years! And my calves look like I've got tons of muscles and strength. They were always quite strong and now they look like it again, more and more definition. I love this.


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