Wednesday, 19 January 2011

Crappy day + some positive things

This day was totally off and not only for me.

Starting off the day: with bad hair. I didn't get my hair under control, I hadn't had this kind of trouble with my hair in months!!! Just what I needed.

Then my dress trousers for interviews weren't fitting anymore, they literally hang on me. Yes, fine, Paleo eating works, but why can't those darned trousers shrink with me? Oh, I did look fine, but would you want to draw your trousers up every few steps and yes, that is with a belt?

Afterwards I had a little mishap on the train to Stuttgart. Just what I needed. (rolling eyes)

My interview went downhill just from the start (1PM, the worst time of day for an interview with me, I'm totally unabled to concentrate at this time of day.). While we seemed to click on a personal level, the rest was definitely crap from my point of view. The job is cool, but the major hook remains.. Pfffffffff.

Then I didn't get my Starbucks-after-interview-treat because there was no time in Stuttgart or Frankfurt (Deutsche Bahn, argh) and Starbucks had already closed when I arrived in Leipzig. Thank you very much. (spoken through clenched teeth, grrrrrrrr)

Then the zipper drawer of my new bag ripped, it's a leather handbag and not a cheap one. AAAAAARRRRRRRRGGGGGGGGGGHHHHHHHH So, tomorrow I will not only write new applications, but also return my bag. Just what I need at the moment.

And when I finally arrived home, what did I find in my mailbox? Yes, another "NO". Well, can't say I cared about that one. Nevertheless, you have to admire the accuracy of the universe, just fitting as a finish of this day.

Oh, and my friend canned her oral exam as alternative practitioner. Well, it's said to be tougher than the written, still ...

I just hope that your days were better than this.

But there were a few positive things today too:

my trousers hang on me

I timed everything perfectly

I ate gluten-free and primal these two days on the road (due to the Starbucks issue today *grumble*)

I realized that I have finally closed the Villingen chapter of my life

I enjoyed my short stay with my friend A

Even though I'm fed up, my mood is surprisingly good


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