Thursday, 13 January 2011

At the end of my latin

First the positive news. I'm still on paleo and the cold is almost gone. And even though I gained a little weight back, due to my cycle, I feel that I'm making progress.

Can't say that jobwise. I got another few "No"s back, though nothing dramatic and for jobs that weren't exactly what I am looking for. In one case I was even wandering what took them so long. However my selfconfidence is bruised (because of a no to a practical training, that I asked for on a whim in a store in Leipzig yesterday, they looked for trainees, I knew I probably wouldn't fit, they were nice and totally reasonable, I probably would've done the same, nevertheless, it was a blow).
I'm the perfect job candidate on paper but somehow I never get an offer. I've done my fair share of improvements (communication training, reediting my CV after I've shown it too HR experts, some testing, additional training, etc.), it didn't help.

(my happy place: Mauna Kea Observatories. Unfortunately the University of Hawaii has no need for me as it looks...)

The problem is that nobody seems to be abled to help me. Even my friends that are also engineers are totally clueless of what is going wrong, they don't understand it either and don't know how to help me, except for listening to my "tantrums".

Yes, I know I just have to apply until I get yes. I KNOW THAT! But try to write a compelling application when your selfconfidence is hiding in the cellar and won't come out, even when you try to lure it out with a Starbucks chocolate mocha (I know it isn't paleo, but I love it and on some days I simply need a treat). Darn it.

Well, enough of that, I have to write a few applications. Starbucks and McKinsey here I come.


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  1. Stick with it (are you sick of hearing that????) It is bound to get better, right? Something will fall into your lap when you least expect it.