Saturday, 1 January 2011

Happy New Year!

I wish you all the best for 2011! May this be a very successfull year in all areas of life for all of us.

I was successfull already in avoiding the NYE stress, I stayed at home and enjoyed the fireworks from my window. It was amazing, as if the whole city of Leipzig was making this firework just for me. ;-) I live on the ninth floor and the sight was perfect yesterday, so I could enjoy 6 hours of fireworks. After midnight it was naturally the most and went on for about 45 minutes. I was bored after 15 minutes and went back to bed! Yes, "back to"! I was tired even before midnight, but since I couldn't sleep in right away, I got up for the "main show" and had a look at what my three fortune cookies said about the next year. I had bought 2 of them and got one for free. The cashier in the asia market was giggling, because every customer bought fortune cookies yesterday and they gave one for free to every customer too.

So here is what the fortune cookies said:
  1. You will meet an old friend on Friday.
  2. You will always be surrounded by true friends.
  3. Good news will be yours at your next medical.
Sounding good, huh? Well, I can guess already what the good news at my next medical will be. Probably that my ferritin level has gotten significantly higher or that my liver is happy, now that I eat low carb and therefore it doesn't have to produce triglycerides anymore or that my bodyfat percentage is significantly less then last year (my scale showed 60,7 kg this morning!). By the way, Januarys weight goal are a stable 59 kg showing on the scale. Less is fine though. Going by the daily movement of the last days I will accomplish this goal without any struggles. Wohoo.

Other goals for this year in no apparent order: getting a fantastic job (alright this is one of utmost importance), getting my bodyfat down to 15% (it hovers currently around 30%, I really have to reprogram my scale!), gaining lean muscle and strength, leaning out my closet even more, running a 10k race (preferably in one hour, but for that I need more strength first), finishing tasks and projects, learn japanese, buy an iPod Touch with 32GB within the first half of the year (I need it for the japanese learning), eat Paleo for 90% of the time, surprising the hell out of my docs.

(San Francisco December 2008)

To achieve all this, I already did some week planning for the next two weeks, including swimming and pampering myself on Saturdays and cleaning on Sundays (not that there is much to do, somehow I have become pretty organized since I moved into my own space). Should be interesting if I adhere to my own schedule or not.



  1. Hi San, your 2011 is a few hours older than ours, but it sure looks like it's off to a good start for you. Hope that things continue the same way, and you achieve all your goals!