Saturday, 22 January 2011

Finally: the YES

After another "No" I finally got the "YES"! You know what that means. I'll move again and won't bore you any longer with finding-a-job-talk. Wohoo. I'll move back to the "Ländle", meaning Baden-Württemberg, but luckily to a big city this time.

It's the job with the major hook and but I've decided that the rest outweighs the hook by far. After all it's an engineers dream job and it has everything that I'm good in and it gives me the opportunity to further develop my skillset and I "clicked" with my colleagues and boss, so there..

In any case it should get interesting, since it is a big company and they have some sport program, so as soon as I'll set my foot in there I'll find out about the training possibilities and then I'll restart my training. Until then it is leaning out and getting the food right and getting an appointment with a special doc for sorting out the knee issue.

And keeping Elliott at bay. This little monster of mine has gone into overdrive since yesterday, buy this, buy that. But I won't buy anything new yet, for several reasons. I need nothing new right this moment is a major one. I'm saving up for my Rimowa Topas Cabin Trolley and my iPod touch are two others. I'm getting rid of body fat so my body changes is the next. And then the shopping possibilities in the Southwest are better also. So there...

Okay, got to do my hair and then use the beautiful weather to get some things done, like shoes to the cobbler, public library, buying groceries, etc.

Hope all of you are well and enjoy your weekends.



  1. Yay! Congratulations! It would have to be a pretty big hook to outweigh getting paid regularly. Which city will you be moving to? It will be so exciting for you, all the changes. Best wishes! Oh, and do you think Elliott might like a fancy new collar and leash? I know from experience how hard it is to tame the spending dragon when you get a big raise.

  2. Thanks Keith. That little stinker Elliott wanted me to buy him a new hat, I declined. You should've seen him sitting in his corner at Starbucks, arms crossed, nose in the air and pouting. Hilarious. Too bad, now it's me who's leading the way, Elliott doesn't like that at all. Poor little dragon, outmanouvered by his owner. LoL.
    I'll move to Stuttgart.