Thursday, 6 January 2011

Streamlining life

or at least my flat.

It is really funny, the longer I live on my own the more organized I become. (Wohoo) Since I made the "mistake" to take vitamin d in the evening I'm still farely awake and used the last half hour to clean and organize my kitchen (even more).

When I was a teen I always liked those places with lots of stuff, back then I really would have liked to live in one of those artsy places that you can find at Nowadays I still like to look at them and yes maybe stay there for a day or two, but I wouldn't want to live there anymore. These days I really like wide open spaces with some decoration but only some pieces, most surfaces should be free! What is also fascinating me is that even though my walls are bare, I feel fine. Okay, my entrance "hall" could use a bit of color. But my living/sleeping room is fine as it is. I have a monstrous desk, which houses tons of stuff, but I would like to have on of those "old" french, white and really filigree desks (only one or two drawers max). So currently I'm trying to figure out how to get rid of or reorganize all this stuff my monster desk houses. There is still an ikea bag full of stuff from my move, that I haven't put into my desk, simply for the reason of reducing it, before I put it into the desk. Looks like a good thing to do this Saturday, since I won't be going to swim with this darned cold.

I also realized that I work a lot better with a clear desk. Though I haven't managed the feat of having it constantly clear and organized, I'm a lot better now that I live in my own space. Same goes for my wardrobe. I've reorganized it last year and threw out tons of clothes, but I'm still feeling that there is tooo much clothing. I think I will sort out another bag of clothing this weekend.

You could say that I'm currently evolving from pack rat to streamlined "insert appropriate term here". This is so new to me, that I don't even know how to call it. And this goes on in every part of my life. I remember that one IT guy once told me after seeing my desktop, that he had never seen such an uncluttered desktop before! (*proudly grinning*)

In any case, I also noticed, that I get more and more "obsessive" about food presentation. Since I cook for myself now, I want my meals not only be paleo and delicious, but also to look good! And I mean good as in a foodie blog kind of way. When I went grocery shopping today, I went by the bakery and I just thought "Yuk". Not so much because I dislike grains and know how bad they are for me, but because the displayed food was so boring. Nearly everything was in some shade of brown. Seriously, why would anyone want to buy this boring stuff? Whatever...

I decided to really work on my presentation skills, when it comes to food (photography). I also have to take my cooking a step further, because I won't be abled to cook my lunch fresh in a few weeks. This means I have to come up with recipes for paleo food that I can prepare the night before without hassle while doing my dinner. Best would be some part of the dinner to take with me. Mmmh. And again, this food has to be healthy, yummy and look good (better than cafeteria food anyway). Quite a challenge.

Any helpful suggestions?


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