Friday, 7 January 2011

decluttering again and a giveaway for the ladies

Okay, so yesterday evening, I cleaned under my bed at 11 PM. Thanks to vitamin d. Weird stuff this vitamin.

Today I decluttered my wardrobe, again. I don't know how often I decluttered my wardrobe in the last 2 years, but it doesn't matter, there's always more stuff to get rid off (*annoyed sigh*). Three bags of clothes go to goodwill and one bag goes directly to the garbage.

I also went through my training clothes, my reaction was: "Whoa, I didn't know I have this much". And therefore we get to my "Giveaway". My Gore running shirt. We all have our favourite brands, because of the cuts, colors or for no particular reason at all. Well, Gore running wear certainly isn't my favourite brand. This is why I only wore this shirt once and never again, after I bought it. It's an European 38 or US M and you probably guessed it already, it is a shirt for women. It has a keybag at the back with reflectors. Really practical. Here are some pics:

Since it is running wear and not that inexpensive and we all like good free stuff, here is my proposal: You like and want it? Then comment to this post and I'll pick the lucky lady randomly next Friday at noon CET (14.1.11, 12 o'clock CET). Yes, this GiveAway is international and I'll pay for the shipping.

This is it for today. Enjoy your weekend and stay healthy. Colds suck.



  1. That shirt is awesome! I love reading your blog because of your attitude. Never give up, just re-adjust. You'll get to Ironman eventually because you have the patience and persistence to get there!

  2. Well that shirt wouldn't fit me, and my wife doesn't run. But I thought I'd comment anyways. Just to amuse you.