Sunday, 2 January 2011

Paleojourney - A Mac Photo Booth Diary - Week 0

I've got back on the Paleo / Primal track last week, as I've told you and I thought it would be fun to track the changes in my face via my Macs Photo Booth. Because I will probably not recognize the incremental changes when I look into my mirror. So from today on I will take Photo Booth pictures of my face every Sunday. No make up, no photoshopping, just plain Photo Booth.

So here are todays "Starting" pictures. One week into Paleo eating.

Interested in the Paleo lifestyle and it's benefits, here are some links:,, and for the fun part



  1. You may have seen these.

  2. The first vid doesn't work in Germany, thanks Sony.
    And nope, I hadn't seen the second. How very interesting, thanks for the links.

  3. I have followed Paleo for over several years and have lost weight easily and felt really really good. I have always been weary of dairy and wheat anyway so this eating strategy really works.

    Happy New Year!! What is your goal race this upcoming year??