Thursday, 9 January 2014

Eating right again

So, as I've said before I did get totally off track when it comes to food. Not only did I eat wheat again (bad thing since I'm allergic to it), but also I didn't eat proper meals. So through snacking and wheat I packed ca. 5 - 6 kg on my small frame (1.62 m). 

Since I  got back from Leipzig after christmas I have turned this eating thing slowly around. Right now I've been for 2 whole weeks off wheat. Wohoo. And since Sunday I'm back to eating proper meals again. 

I'm positive that I will fit into my running clothes again by the end of January. 


Wednesday, 8 January 2014


Well, long time no see. 

Thing is, I had other stuff on my mind and in the last few years much has changed. I moved to another part of Germany for  a new job and I haven't done much training since then. Even though I have perfect conditions, now that I live in Karlsruhe. 

Since I gained a few pounds and am missing the training and blogging, I've decided to get back into the thing and after all I haven't even achieved the goals along the way to the big goal. Read: no finished marathon so far. 

So, my goals for 2014:

  1. Get rid of 4.5 kg to fit into my running clothes again. 
  2. Start with running again.
  3. Finish at least one 10 k race this year, if possible under 70 minutes. 
  4. Get a road racing bike. 
Not much, but enough to get back into it.  

In any case having this big goal again helps me tremendously. Last year I had no big goal and it gave me nothing but boredom and even weirder I didn't eat right. Just to fit into my clothes isn't enough of a goal for me. Who would've thought?!

Anyway, what have you guys been up to since I left the circus?

Have a great new year everyone.