Monday, 29 November 2010

Primal food choices and two reasons for celebration

So, I finally moved out and am coming to my senses foodwise. Admittedly the move to more healthy food wasn't that easy and I'm still in it.

However I wanted to share some ideas.

Firstly, breakfast is important and since I want my metabolism to burn my bodyfat, I don't eat carbs (grains) for breakfast but drink a protein shake instead. This wasn't enough during the last weeks and since fruits give me a sugar longing after an hour or so I had to come up with something else to eat. Today I tried out grilled tomatoes with Schmand (sour cream, heavy cream?) It is tasty and very satisfying.

And it looks delicious too, don't ya think?

Another thing is, that in the evening when I read or watch something on my Mac, I tend to eat. Not because of hunger, it's more like a reflex. Yesterday I made myself some Quinoa and while it was satisfying mentally, my digestive system didn't like it at all. So I have to come up with some healthy and easily available snacks, since I'm really lazy in the evening. So this morning I boild 4 eggs and peeled them and then put them in a plastic container in the fridge.

Where they are ready for being eaten tonight and tomorrow night, when my reflex shows up for food.

Okay, the two reasons for celebration:

1. I'm still free of nasal spray after 6 months! Wohoo. This is the longest time of freedom in a decade.

2. Refilling my ferritin is working, I no longer need to sleep every afternoon. There are still days, when I need to lay down, but it's more like once a week or when I slept badly the night before. Success!!!

Now I just need to find a job. Right?

Have a great new week everyone!


Friday, 26 November 2010

Taste Bud Adventures - New Studio, new food

Easy, fast, healthy, full of protein and minerals, affordable and yummy. They all describe this egg flakes soup, that I made for dinner last night in My Kitchen.... ;-)

So what do you need?
The ingredients (serves 1):
miso instant soup powder (any instant soup powder works like chicken, beef or vegetable)
the meat of two grilled chicken drumsticks
1 tomato
2 eggs
1 table spoon of oyster sauce (if you like)
1 tea spoon of dried wakame algaes (if you like)
pepper and spices (you don't need salt, the instant powder is salty enough)

How to?

1. Make the soup stock according the manufacturers how to. ca. 500 to 700 ml of stock.
2. Cut or rip the meat to bitesized chunks, dice the tomato and soak the wakame (later).
3. When the stock is cooking add the tomato and meat.

4. Whisk the two eggs and add them to the boiling (it should produce bubbles) soup.
5. Stir softly and cook for 2 or 3 minutes more.
6. Turn of the stove and take the soup down from the hot plate (if you don't use gas).
7. Drain the wakame (shouldn't soak more than 5 minutes or it looses it's minerals to the water)
8. Fill the soup in a bowl, add some wakame et voila.

Enjoy your meal.


Monday, 22 November 2010

Me at the moment vs. me on Wednesday

The left bowl shows how I feel at the moment, the bowl on the right shows how I'll feel on Wednesday, when I moved out!!


Sunday, 21 November 2010

Finally a finished kitchen

Though I still have to stock it with food and plates etc.

And some sunshine after week of dark clouds and rain.
Can you see the Rockbiter from the Neverending Story in the last pic?

Wednesday, 17 November 2010

Keep on moving, don't stop ya

I'm still moving and it will take another few days for several reasons. I'm currently still in my old room and except for my desk (under a pile of paper work), tons of books and my plants everything is already in my flat, including most of my clothes.

Initially I had planned to already sleep over there, but the bed, which was delivered yesterday is poorly made (which is outrages since it's a really expensive one), so the service has to come in tomorrow to fix it. Argh. I should've build it on my own and not bought a bed. (Would've been a lot cheaper too!)

Anyway, the funny thing is, even though I'm annoyed to no end with this whole crappy move, my mood is improving constantly, since I can see the end of the tunnel when I'm finally free of my parents grasp. Also due to the move I have already lost some fat, my jeans is hanging on me. And that even with eating tons of chocolate to fight off the annoying part of the move.

(pic taken and edited by Chris - part of the Spy - Shoot)

Today is a public holiday in Saxony and I'm taking the day off from moving. However I'm not slacking, I write my applications. I even finally got one application out that I've been pondering on for two weeks. The funny thing is, the more I fit a job description, the less I know what to write in the cover letter, since I feel that my fitted CV and profile are doing a really good job on saying that I'm the best choice for this opening.
Oh yes, I'm finished with applying for jobs at CCIs, I applied for my "former" job at another CCI, so I was a perfect fit, but I didn't even get invited for an interview!?! I really don't know what they want, obviously not someone who can do this job properly and this right from the beginning. Well it's their loss, not mine.

So, let's just hope that I get into my flat really fast and that I get a fitting job too. As soon as I move to my flat I'll be back on my best behaviour foodwise. And there is a wonderful Primal Cookbook with lot's of fun and healthy recipes to try.


Thursday, 11 November 2010

weird training

Okay, so I've brought over some stuff to my new flat, mostly boxes and shoes that I could simply grab, put in the car and drive over. No real packing involved.

Well, the training consisted of taking the stairs down. 5 times and my flat is on the ninth floor. Since I was fairly fast I was getting kind of lightheaded when I went down the third time. And I was feeling fatique starting in the fourth and during the fifth time. Actually my hands were shaking when I walked to the car to drive home.

I can only imagine how this would've felt when I had taken the stairs upwards. Anyway, I did have some lifting and stairs today and ate reasonably well (I ate a few bites of Lebkuchen for dessert.) I say it was a good training day, especially since I started packing some things when I got back home.

I always wondered where my money has gone, well it's mostly in my books and my music. Just takes a move to show you how much you actually own.

Have a great weekend everyone. Cheers.


Wednesday, 10 November 2010

Interview during the move

Hi there,

thanks for all your kind words. I'm at the start of the move and today I finally had another interview. I don't want to jinx it, but I don't think they give the job to me. In any case it would be an interesting job and I would've rocked it, but we didn't really connect in the interview so....

Therefore tomorrow I'll write another two applications and bring a bit of stuff over to my flat. My mattress will be delivered on Friday. The following day I'll bring over the rest. Yesterday I shopped like crazy at ikea and though ikea is inexpensive, when you need practically everything it adds up to an amount that makes one gulp. And I'm not done, I still need some kitchen appliances (like a fridge) and have to come up with an solution for my office chair. Rolls on parquet floor is a big nono. Luckily there is a flea market this Saturday, so we'll see ...

I really like my flat, but the bathroom is a nightmare (sooooo small) and I still need a mirror for it. But I'm quite confident, that the move will be over next Wednesday.

However today I finally got the soundtrack of "Secret" a taiwanese movie with Jay Chou. It is gorgeous, both the movie and the soundtrack. And I really would like to have the movie on DVD, but there is none for europe. This sucks!!! I want this movie desperatly, I only need English subs. No voice over, no german subs, just the movie with English subs on DVD with region code 2. PLEASE, Pretty PLEASE.

I hope all of you are fine and have a great time training.


Friday, 5 November 2010

Two crazy weeks ahead - I'm moving

Okay, so it's more or less official I will sign the contract for my flat on Tuesday and move throughout the week.
So, this means packing and planning and unusual training for the next two weeks, stairs, heavy lifting, etc.

Initially I wanted to move slowly, but after yesterday evening I've decided to move as soon and as fast as possible. Why? Well, my mother said I'm only applying for over the top jobs for which I'm not good enough, Read: You may have a engineering degree, but I still think you're not good enough to do engineering jobs!

How dare she?!!! ARRGHH.

You know what I really hate about it? That it made me cry. Crying, ME?!!!! Everyone else is supportive, but not my parents. They do everything to undermine my selfesteem, they seem to have fun with it. As if it wasn't hard enough to get no after no.

So this means, as soon as I have the keys to my flat, I'm outta here. Due to the financial side, I'll probably not post this regularly anymore, but I'll feel better, so be it.


Monday, 1 November 2010

The golden fall

We have been pretty lucky with this fall. Not to cold, sunshine galore, countless golden trees and golden light almost all day long. I took those pictures yesterday at our sunday bike tour. It was amazing and probably our last one this year, since Chris is moving to another town.

Have a great new week everyone and thank you for your support. The last week has been a bit off.