Monday, 29 November 2010

Primal food choices and two reasons for celebration

So, I finally moved out and am coming to my senses foodwise. Admittedly the move to more healthy food wasn't that easy and I'm still in it.

However I wanted to share some ideas.

Firstly, breakfast is important and since I want my metabolism to burn my bodyfat, I don't eat carbs (grains) for breakfast but drink a protein shake instead. This wasn't enough during the last weeks and since fruits give me a sugar longing after an hour or so I had to come up with something else to eat. Today I tried out grilled tomatoes with Schmand (sour cream, heavy cream?) It is tasty and very satisfying.

And it looks delicious too, don't ya think?

Another thing is, that in the evening when I read or watch something on my Mac, I tend to eat. Not because of hunger, it's more like a reflex. Yesterday I made myself some Quinoa and while it was satisfying mentally, my digestive system didn't like it at all. So I have to come up with some healthy and easily available snacks, since I'm really lazy in the evening. So this morning I boild 4 eggs and peeled them and then put them in a plastic container in the fridge.

Where they are ready for being eaten tonight and tomorrow night, when my reflex shows up for food.

Okay, the two reasons for celebration:

1. I'm still free of nasal spray after 6 months! Wohoo. This is the longest time of freedom in a decade.

2. Refilling my ferritin is working, I no longer need to sleep every afternoon. There are still days, when I need to lay down, but it's more like once a week or when I slept badly the night before. Success!!!

Now I just need to find a job. Right?

Have a great new week everyone!



  1. You are getting healthy! I like the receipes.

  2. Congrats on all three fronts. That's definitely cause for celebration. And renewed good luck on the job search. Happy Holidays!