Thursday, 11 November 2010

weird training

Okay, so I've brought over some stuff to my new flat, mostly boxes and shoes that I could simply grab, put in the car and drive over. No real packing involved.

Well, the training consisted of taking the stairs down. 5 times and my flat is on the ninth floor. Since I was fairly fast I was getting kind of lightheaded when I went down the third time. And I was feeling fatique starting in the fourth and during the fifth time. Actually my hands were shaking when I walked to the car to drive home.

I can only imagine how this would've felt when I had taken the stairs upwards. Anyway, I did have some lifting and stairs today and ate reasonably well (I ate a few bites of Lebkuchen for dessert.) I say it was a good training day, especially since I started packing some things when I got back home.

I always wondered where my money has gone, well it's mostly in my books and my music. Just takes a move to show you how much you actually own.

Have a great weekend everyone. Cheers.


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