Wednesday, 10 November 2010

Interview during the move

Hi there,

thanks for all your kind words. I'm at the start of the move and today I finally had another interview. I don't want to jinx it, but I don't think they give the job to me. In any case it would be an interesting job and I would've rocked it, but we didn't really connect in the interview so....

Therefore tomorrow I'll write another two applications and bring a bit of stuff over to my flat. My mattress will be delivered on Friday. The following day I'll bring over the rest. Yesterday I shopped like crazy at ikea and though ikea is inexpensive, when you need practically everything it adds up to an amount that makes one gulp. And I'm not done, I still need some kitchen appliances (like a fridge) and have to come up with an solution for my office chair. Rolls on parquet floor is a big nono. Luckily there is a flea market this Saturday, so we'll see ...

I really like my flat, but the bathroom is a nightmare (sooooo small) and I still need a mirror for it. But I'm quite confident, that the move will be over next Wednesday.

However today I finally got the soundtrack of "Secret" a taiwanese movie with Jay Chou. It is gorgeous, both the movie and the soundtrack. And I really would like to have the movie on DVD, but there is none for europe. This sucks!!! I want this movie desperatly, I only need English subs. No voice over, no german subs, just the movie with English subs on DVD with region code 2. PLEASE, Pretty PLEASE.

I hope all of you are fine and have a great time training.


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