Friday, 5 November 2010

Two crazy weeks ahead - I'm moving

Okay, so it's more or less official I will sign the contract for my flat on Tuesday and move throughout the week.
So, this means packing and planning and unusual training for the next two weeks, stairs, heavy lifting, etc.

Initially I wanted to move slowly, but after yesterday evening I've decided to move as soon and as fast as possible. Why? Well, my mother said I'm only applying for over the top jobs for which I'm not good enough, Read: You may have a engineering degree, but I still think you're not good enough to do engineering jobs!

How dare she?!!! ARRGHH.

You know what I really hate about it? That it made me cry. Crying, ME?!!!! Everyone else is supportive, but not my parents. They do everything to undermine my selfesteem, they seem to have fun with it. As if it wasn't hard enough to get no after no.

So this means, as soon as I have the keys to my flat, I'm outta here. Due to the financial side, I'll probably not post this regularly anymore, but I'll feel better, so be it.



  1. Hope it all goes well. Remember, you are at the stage where you have to get through as many "no's" as it takes to get to a yes. Even if it isn't your "perfect" job, you should be applying for jobs that give you experience leading toward the perfect job.

  2. Oh wow, I am sorry for what she said, ya, its time to move out, you will feel so much better out on your own

  3. Keith, I know that I need to apply for jobs that don't seem perfect, but they have to be my level and my mother is always hinting that I'm on a way lower level and not fit in my occupation. She just said again, that I'm looking in the wrong publication, which would advertise too high positions for me, without having ever looked at it. And when I said that there are fitting positions, she said I might fulfill the academical degree but not the personal demands. Nice isn't it?
    Therefore I told her off in a strictly unemotional way.

  4. San, I am sorry you have to go through so many troubles. let them not upset you. Remember that all of it is a natural part oof coming into your own. Some day you will look back and smile at your thoughts and feelings at the time. :-)