Friday, 26 November 2010

Taste Bud Adventures - New Studio, new food

Easy, fast, healthy, full of protein and minerals, affordable and yummy. They all describe this egg flakes soup, that I made for dinner last night in My Kitchen.... ;-)

So what do you need?
The ingredients (serves 1):
miso instant soup powder (any instant soup powder works like chicken, beef or vegetable)
the meat of two grilled chicken drumsticks
1 tomato
2 eggs
1 table spoon of oyster sauce (if you like)
1 tea spoon of dried wakame algaes (if you like)
pepper and spices (you don't need salt, the instant powder is salty enough)

How to?

1. Make the soup stock according the manufacturers how to. ca. 500 to 700 ml of stock.
2. Cut or rip the meat to bitesized chunks, dice the tomato and soak the wakame (later).
3. When the stock is cooking add the tomato and meat.

4. Whisk the two eggs and add them to the boiling (it should produce bubbles) soup.
5. Stir softly and cook for 2 or 3 minutes more.
6. Turn of the stove and take the soup down from the hot plate (if you don't use gas).
7. Drain the wakame (shouldn't soak more than 5 minutes or it looses it's minerals to the water)
8. Fill the soup in a bowl, add some wakame et voila.

Enjoy your meal.


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