Wednesday, 17 November 2010

Keep on moving, don't stop ya

I'm still moving and it will take another few days for several reasons. I'm currently still in my old room and except for my desk (under a pile of paper work), tons of books and my plants everything is already in my flat, including most of my clothes.

Initially I had planned to already sleep over there, but the bed, which was delivered yesterday is poorly made (which is outrages since it's a really expensive one), so the service has to come in tomorrow to fix it. Argh. I should've build it on my own and not bought a bed. (Would've been a lot cheaper too!)

Anyway, the funny thing is, even though I'm annoyed to no end with this whole crappy move, my mood is improving constantly, since I can see the end of the tunnel when I'm finally free of my parents grasp. Also due to the move I have already lost some fat, my jeans is hanging on me. And that even with eating tons of chocolate to fight off the annoying part of the move.

(pic taken and edited by Chris - part of the Spy - Shoot)

Today is a public holiday in Saxony and I'm taking the day off from moving. However I'm not slacking, I write my applications. I even finally got one application out that I've been pondering on for two weeks. The funny thing is, the more I fit a job description, the less I know what to write in the cover letter, since I feel that my fitted CV and profile are doing a really good job on saying that I'm the best choice for this opening.
Oh yes, I'm finished with applying for jobs at CCIs, I applied for my "former" job at another CCI, so I was a perfect fit, but I didn't even get invited for an interview!?! I really don't know what they want, obviously not someone who can do this job properly and this right from the beginning. Well it's their loss, not mine.

So, let's just hope that I get into my flat really fast and that I get a fitting job too. As soon as I move to my flat I'll be back on my best behaviour foodwise. And there is a wonderful Primal Cookbook with lot's of fun and healthy recipes to try.



  1. I HATE MOVING!!! It has to be on of the worse things in the world for me to do

  2. I feel your pain on the job hunting. I've had expressions of interest for jobs that wouldn't suit me well at all, and nothing from jobs I'm perfectly qualified and experienced for. As for the cover letter, I usually try to recap the requirements, and point them to where they can find that info in my resume. But then, I can hardly claim to be an expert so you might want to take that with a grain of salt.