Thursday, 31 March 2011

A few pics from my Baltic Sea Vacation

I've had a fantastic time, weather was perfect, food was great, butt hurt from cycling. I have new and much needed energy now. Back to work.


Tuesday, 22 March 2011

Start of bike season = OUUUUUUCCCCCCCHHHHH

Yep, I finally succeeded in getting my bike out. And now my behind hurts since yesterday evening. 
Chris is returning for a few days to Leipzig, so there might be more ouch to come. 

And on the weekend I take a short trip to the Baltic Sea. Lot's of fresh air and hopefully nice enough weather for a lot of cycling. Wohoo.


Sunday, 20 March 2011


Before you get any bad ideas, I'm alive and healthy. Of the rest I'm pretty unsure myself.

Spring is coming around in Leipzig too, though it's still cold. My bike will get dusted off this week and if the weather is right, I will take it out for a spin. Other than that I'm focusing on more important things for the time being. 


Saturday, 12 March 2011

Hoping for the people of Japan

I really hope for the people of Japan. That the aftershocks fade fast and that the damage and deathtoll are lower than estimated. I especially feel for the people in Sendai, a city I haven't known before this quake and that was hit so hard by the quake and then the tsunami. I lighted two candles yesterday for you and I will do so today. And I really hope the best for the people who are missing, may they be found alive, in good health and good spirits.


Wednesday, 9 March 2011

Empowered and scared at the same time

I just realized, that literally every health issue of mine is rooted in my nutrition, every single one: allergies, skin, weight, etc. All of them are dependent on me eating the wrong/right food.

Realizing something like this is really empowering and frustrating and scaring at the same time. Because with every bite I take and also with every sip I literally decide if my body shall function at it's best or just get to stay "alive". Now, on a rational level we all would want the optimum of health, right? And naturally so do I. I want a lean and well functioning body. I want to burst with energy all day and have fun in life. So, what is the problem, you might ask.

For me eating healthy means: I have to eat natural foods and withstand the luring of literally everything sweet, the exception being fruits. My nutrition is from now on build of this: vegetables, meat, poultry, eggs, fish, fruit, nuts. There won't be any sugar, grains, potatoes or rice in my life anymore. Which means I'm going to eat differently then almost anybody else and certainly exactly opposite from my family and closest friends. Which led to squabbles before and will probably intensify.

As for the next two months I've decided to kick also chocolate and almost all dairy products (exception being butter and the milk in my Latte) out of my nutrition plan.
Why? Well, I want to finally get rid of all the inflammation in my body. I'm pretty sure, that I get this darned knee issue out and over with. So that I can finally run again.


Tuesday, 8 March 2011

Good mood is restored

by a day offline.

Bad triathlete that I am, I didn't go swimming on Sunday. Instead I took a whole day off and created something with my hands. I repainted an ikea stool, which looks absolutely fab now and I did some doodling (you can see it here:

The doodling helps me to clear my head and so I finally had some awesome ideas for an application. So even if I don't get a job with that company, I'll at least have fun creating that application. 


Friday, 4 March 2011

The same as in Ireland in 2009

A day of hanging out (not working) at Starbucks has put my head back where it belongs. On my shoulders, looking forward.

When I was in Dublin back in September 2009 I was in such rotten mood too. Which was weird since this was my vacation, but anyway I was right down in the hole. So I spend my day at a Starbucks, watching people, thinking about things and in the evening I was back to normal.

So this morning I decided to go to Starbucks and don't bring my Mac and just sit there and think and maybe write a letter to a good friend. And so I did. I wrote an 8! pages letter, I drank my first ever cappuccino and than a Vanilla Roiboos Tea to recover from the cappuccino (I'm don't trink real coffee). I totally lost track of time. I had a nice chat with my barista. It was a perfect, perfect day there. Then I went "shopping" for a mint green or turqoise scarf, I didn't find one that I liked enought to buy it, but it was a fun stroll nonetheless. Then I went to my cobbler, which was another nice walk. I got my shoes back which was way less expensive than I thought and she was even so nice to make another set of holes in my belt! Then I went back to the city and sat in the sun in front of the opera house, which was fantastic. And then I had another nice idea for my letter. I took a few pics of the place in the sun and printed them right out at the next drugstore. I think my friend will have a smile on her face when she opens that letter. And that's the whole reason for it. Oh yes, I also had my first icecream of the new season. Yes the weather was that nice.

So all in all I had a fantastic day and I also got some work done.

I wish all of you a happy and wonderful weekend.


Wednesday, 2 March 2011

6:06 alarm chime leads to bitchiness for 2 days

and still counting.

You really don't want to be around me at the moment. I'm in such rotten mood, that there is a constant black thundercloud right above my head. Which was neither removed by the swimming yesterday or the fact that I send out 3 applications in less than 24 hours or the 2 fantastic Starbucks chocolate mochas I drank in 24 hours (1 yesterday another 1 today) or the fact that I bought myself green (vintage mint=closest you get to turquoise this season) nail polish or that I even bought myself a beautiful turquoise handbag (that I neither needed) or the fact that the sun has been shining for more than a week. But it's freezing outside and I simply can't stand the winterclothes anymore. I want colors and lighter jackets and different shoes (don't get me started on the shoe stores in Leipzig, it's the kingdom of boredom shoewise! Argh).

And most importantly I want to finally have a challenging job. I'm dying of boredom over here!!!!

Rant over. Thundercloud still there.