Wednesday, 9 March 2011

Empowered and scared at the same time

I just realized, that literally every health issue of mine is rooted in my nutrition, every single one: allergies, skin, weight, etc. All of them are dependent on me eating the wrong/right food.

Realizing something like this is really empowering and frustrating and scaring at the same time. Because with every bite I take and also with every sip I literally decide if my body shall function at it's best or just get to stay "alive". Now, on a rational level we all would want the optimum of health, right? And naturally so do I. I want a lean and well functioning body. I want to burst with energy all day and have fun in life. So, what is the problem, you might ask.

For me eating healthy means: I have to eat natural foods and withstand the luring of literally everything sweet, the exception being fruits. My nutrition is from now on build of this: vegetables, meat, poultry, eggs, fish, fruit, nuts. There won't be any sugar, grains, potatoes or rice in my life anymore. Which means I'm going to eat differently then almost anybody else and certainly exactly opposite from my family and closest friends. Which led to squabbles before and will probably intensify.

As for the next two months I've decided to kick also chocolate and almost all dairy products (exception being butter and the milk in my Latte) out of my nutrition plan.
Why? Well, I want to finally get rid of all the inflammation in my body. I'm pretty sure, that I get this darned knee issue out and over with. So that I can finally run again.


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