Saturday, 12 March 2011

Hoping for the people of Japan

I really hope for the people of Japan. That the aftershocks fade fast and that the damage and deathtoll are lower than estimated. I especially feel for the people in Sendai, a city I haven't known before this quake and that was hit so hard by the quake and then the tsunami. I lighted two candles yesterday for you and I will do so today. And I really hope the best for the people who are missing, may they be found alive, in good health and good spirits.


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  1. hows the training going? I see you have been swimming and eating Paleo.. I eat that way too and it rocks!! I love it.. also cut all sugar from my diet except for fresh fruit.. is awesome!

    Whats your upcoming race? I am doing a Peak to Surf race at the beginning of may.. should be fun!! then a 1/2 ironman late May... oh, is coming fast!! xoxoJodi