Wednesday, 2 March 2011

6:06 alarm chime leads to bitchiness for 2 days

and still counting.

You really don't want to be around me at the moment. I'm in such rotten mood, that there is a constant black thundercloud right above my head. Which was neither removed by the swimming yesterday or the fact that I send out 3 applications in less than 24 hours or the 2 fantastic Starbucks chocolate mochas I drank in 24 hours (1 yesterday another 1 today) or the fact that I bought myself green (vintage mint=closest you get to turquoise this season) nail polish or that I even bought myself a beautiful turquoise handbag (that I neither needed) or the fact that the sun has been shining for more than a week. But it's freezing outside and I simply can't stand the winterclothes anymore. I want colors and lighter jackets and different shoes (don't get me started on the shoe stores in Leipzig, it's the kingdom of boredom shoewise! Argh).

And most importantly I want to finally have a challenging job. I'm dying of boredom over here!!!!

Rant over. Thundercloud still there.

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