Monday, 28 February 2011

I did it right!

The 25m pool, one of the hundreds that were build in the former GDR. They reconstructed it a few years back, but the main layout stays the same. And it's perfectly fine for swim training. I don't need a 50m pool to train.

I mean, I swam the amount that gives me a training effect and eventually a swimmers back. I really want a swimmers back!
How do I know that I did it right? Sore arm and shoulder muscles. Not that they hurt or scream at me, they just say we did something yesterday. Which is good.
Since I initially had planned to swim for one hour I wasn't too happy about just swimming 45 minutes. But my left shoulder warned me of an upcoming cramp, so I decided to leave the pool before something happened. That my muscles are sore now shows that it was just the right amount of training for them. Good.

My breakfast. Before going to the pool I drank the tea. And on my way home I munched the apple and the two boiled eggs.

My packed duffle. I just found out, that I need to bring a small old towel for stepping on when toweling off. What do you bring with you to the pool?

Next swim is scheduled for Wednesday morning and I'm confident, that I will get up at the right time. Because I do shut down my Mac at 9 PM now, so I get to sleep at 11 PM latest. Which is a major improvement.

And now I'm off to find my new cheese.

KEEP MOVING FORWARD! And have an amazing new week.


  1. My pool bag has:
    Cream rinse
    towel. All this gets rolled together.
    flip flops (the thought of walking through a shower room without them gives me the creeps.
    nose clip
    comb (rarely used)
    swim shorts are under my clothes going to pool to save time
    spare swim shorts
    clean socks and underwear for after swim

    How did your swim go without goggles?

  2. Great job!!! I love those swimmer muscles and they've taken me forever to develop.

  3. Ist das Schwimmhalle in der Nähe vom Eutritzscher Markt? Die find' ich gut, aber ich liebe schon unser Elsterschwimmbad mit seinem 50m Becken. Ich muß Dir noch von der Münchner Olympia Schwimmhalle berichten - ganz kurz: Architektur 1+, Rest 4-...leider. Je öfter man Schwimmen geht, umso besser fühlt sich der ganze Körper an-nicht wahr? Schön, daß es Dir so viel Spaß macht und Dir so viel bringt.

    Lg Chris