Thursday, 10 February 2011

Paradigm Shift

Okay, so this morning I stepped on my scale out of a strong interest. What I saw let me do my happy dance. 59,7kg - 131,4 lbs Finally cracked the 60!

But in fact this isn't the start of the story or the paradigm shift. Those happened yesterday.

Yesterday, I couldn't eat due to mental stress. I won't tell you why yesterday was so stressfull. In any case not eating, because I'm under stress is a totally new thing for me. Before yesterday I usually ate (binging on sweets) when under stress, this was even so last Friday. But not yesterday. So I guess there really was a paradigm shift happening in the last days. Which is amazing!!

Today I'm back to eating normal, my normal = Paleo. Though the mental stress has lessened the reason for it is still there. Well, I'll hold strong and fight on.


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