Wednesday, 23 February 2011

Bad news for Starbucks

Yes, I still love Starbucks. Yes, I will still go there and ponder things and drink frappucinos and chocolate mochas. But no, I won't buy their chocolate truffle cake anymore and eat it. The reason?

It's not worth the feeling unwell afterwards. The pleasure of eating it lasts about an hour, if I eat really slow. My hurting stomach lasts the whole night. 1 hour vs. 8 hours. This is in serious disequilibrium, even without the other bad effects like bad skin for days afterwards. So, as sad as it is, no more Starbucks truffle cake or any other of their baked goods for me.

I've learned all this after I had my After-a-job-interview-treat last evening. I've been for another interview, this time lo and behold in my home town, and afterwards I went to Starbucks and bought my treat. I ate it (took me maybe 20 minutes) and had a complaining stomach 3 hours later. Yeah well, it was my own stupid decision. I've been free of grains for quite some time now, it's only logical that my body would be mad at me.

So, lesson learned. Back to Paleo.

And listen to your body.


  1. Yikes! I guess your body knew it wasn't paleo :)

  2. I try and stay away from any and all foods that were made in a factory and shipped 1000's of miles to the intended shop...

  3. Lecker und schade zugleich...da bekomme ich schon wieder Appetit...sehr schlecht ;)

    Lg Chris

  4. @georgiasnail: What you mean they don't make it fresh in the shop every morning?! I'm devastated. ;)
    I normally stay away from those foods too, but every now and then I indulge. Well, I did so, but my body made it's position clear.