Tuesday, 8 February 2011

forward and then retreat, forward retreat

That's my life at them moment. For every 2 steps forward I retreat one. I move more and more, but I eat bad things when I'm down, because life is a bit uncertain at the moment.

I still don't have a place in Stuttgart to stay, since the dormitory is out of the question, because I'm too old!! Now I'm looking for flat share and will go to Stuttgart on Saturday to meet the people living in an ultra cool flat, which has some added advantages, like being in my price range and central.

Meanwhile my parents are driving me crazy with their "helpful" advices and hinting that I might not be abled to get this Masters degree or do the job properly. As if I'd do this for the first time! I know, they care, but do they have to treat me like a ten year old? Don't think so.

But at least the weather is nice (sunshine), my jeans fit and Chris is coming to Leipzig today. So I'm fairly happy at the moment.


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