Wednesday, 2 February 2011

Doesn't this sound amazing?

Elle UK Horoscope for Virgo in February 2011
As February opens, you’ll welcome a fabulous New Moon in your house of work. For most other signs, the busy bee energy can be a bit of a drag, but for you, it’s like manna from heaven. You’ll be able to organise rather than agonise for the first two weeks of the month. On the 2nd, the New Moon (also the Chinese New Year of the Rabbit) invites you to plan out your next six months of success. A colleague could give you some major praise, you might get a promotion, or even make a big change – from one job to another. Whatever happens, don’t let anything stress you out, because it’s all good this time, Virgo. With the Sun also highlighting your work and schedule sector through the 18th, you’re on the radar of VIP’s. After this date, the energy turns toward love and partnerships. With Mercury, Mars, the Sun and Uranus all traversing your relationship zone during the last ten days of the month, you may be thinking about your significant other 24/7. If you’re single, this is an excellent time to focus on manifesting your soul mate. He’s out there and coming ever closer to you.

And it is so fitting!!
(I just LOVE it, when my horoscopes support me and what's coming next. Mind games, I tell you are so helpful. ;-P )

On to the food issue.
It seems starting cold turkey with the Whole30 (hey, that rhymes, *grin*) wasn't the smartest idea. Especially since I made the old mistake to focus on the foods I can't eat instead of those I can enjoy. Well you guess it already, I didn't eat according to plan. Since I'm a bit unsure of several food, because they some different articles on them on the Whole9 website, I've decided to "design" my own whole 30 program. As a matter of fact I make it up as I go along and concentrate on the good and real foods. Meaning, dairy except for butter is still out of the equation same goes for grains, rice, potatoes and nightshades (tomatoes, bell peppers, eggplants), since I seem to be allergic to tomatoes "lately" (or maybe it's just the pesticides in them?).

With it I'm also changing my grocery shopping habits, I buy only produce that I can use up in the next 2-3 days. Which is an accomplishment in itself that I wanted to reach for years(!), since I used to buy a lot of produce and then most of it would rot away on my counter or in the fridge. This change has the added bonus of less waste and saving money, and since I won't have much space in the dormitory to store my food, this change of habits comes right at the time it is needed.

Speeking of habits: there are two other good changes.
1) Yesterday evening I finally went to bed at 10 PM (which was my goal) and read till 11 PM and then turned of the light to sleep. And I guess I got a full 8 hours of sleep, which I hadn't for the last weeks, even though it was my goal, since I got the important YES. No I just have to truly implement this going to bed early, jobstart is coming near in huge steps.
2) I'm only buying clothes that fit and that I need. I went shopping with my friend K yesterday evening. She started working again last month, after her parents time (2 years in Germany) and is in dire need of a professional wardrobe. In any case I still need some new professional clothes too and I was lucky to find a sleek cardigan made of a nice fabric and a cut that flatters me. It took me about one year and a lot of shopping (looking around and trying out) to find this cardigan.
I also found a really beautiful dress in red, since it's the new collection and I'm currently fighting my fat successfully I didn't buy it yesterday (major accomplishment).

However I still have to battle with myself over food. Yesterday was really off, I always wanted to eat sweets. Horrible. But I stood strong, nothing unhealthy passed my mouth. Yeah. Looks like I'm developing some willpower at last.

And you, some accomplishments?


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