Monday, 14 February 2011

Paleojourney - A Mac Photo Booth Diary - Week 6 - Rollercoaster ride

This past week was quite taxing for me. I've learned a lot in terms of the changes my body goes through at the moment, how I can help it and in terms of business.
Nuff said.

New week, new challenges, new goals.

Goals for this week:
1. Clear my desk. ;-)
2. Eat 100% paleo/primal/real food.
3. Wear a really cool outfit everyday.
4. Take the 9 flights of stairs to my flat everyday once. (Did you ever realize that there are easy and tough stairs? When I take the 9 flights to my flat I'm a bit out of breath, but I'm fine. Not so at the public library, there I'm out of breath when I reach the second floor and nearly had to stop for rest on the third floor. {Good thing somebody was walking behind me, so it would've hurt my pride to stop.})
5. Do at least one sprint in this week.
6. Do some strength training everyday. Today it's arms.
7. Stay scale-free the whole week. (Next weighing is planned for March 1st.)

Have a magical week everyone.


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