Thursday, 28 April 2011

Sugar: The Bitter Truth

This Talk by Robert H. Lustig, MD, is simply mindboggling.

KEEP MOVING FORWARD and stay away from any soda!

Wednesday, 27 April 2011

It happened again!!!!

Half an hour ago, it happened again. For the second time in mere week I fell off my bike. And while nothing happend the first time except for a new dent in my selfesteem. Today I hit the ground and scraped my right heel of the hand. 

Do you know these people who take everything in stride and don't moan when hurt?! Well, I'm definitely not one of them. So here it goes: ouuuuuccchhhhhhh. Fº©©∆∂†∂]¨¨⁄©∂]|≠{®ƒing bike!

Chris is supposed to come to Leipzig this weekend and normally we would go out for a long bikeride. Well, not this time. I'm walking from now on. This bike is evil. 


Sunday, 24 April 2011

Coming up this week

A new Taste Bud Adventure: Kaktoogie 

See, even my korean roommate likes it. ;-)

Thursday, 21 April 2011

Day 18: the splitting begins

No, not headaches, the amount of push-ups that I do in one go. Why? Well, since yesterday my triceps are sore. So I figured, if I break the days number down in smaller packages, my muscles would have time to recover and let me do the whole challenge without any further ado.

I've also discovered a "new" hobby that I want to try out: Geocaching. Which is essentially modern treasure hunting. You can find out more about it here:

In any case I found that postcrossing is a wonderful hobby. For instance it is really surprising how long the postcards travel. I would've thought that the traveltime correlates to the distance it has to travel, but no. Taiwan took 7 days and a card to european town in Russia is still travelling after 16 days, thats 9000 km versus 1800 km and the longer trip is faster. Weird, huh? Okay, I admit it, at times I can become quite nerdy. But the best thing about postcrossing is to go to my mailbox with excitement, because now there is always a chance for finding a nice surprise. So far, I found two nice surprises in there, one from the USA and one from Canada. I really would like to get a card from South Korea or Argentina.

Tomorrow starts Easter in Germany. So now I'm off to the grocery store and after that I'm going to grace the German National Library with my attendance.

Happy Easter, if you celebrate it and best of luck for your races.


Monday, 18 April 2011

On day 14 incorporate core strength

I'm pretty proud on myself today. Because today I didn't procrastinate my push-ups, I did all 15 in one go right after getting up. Yesterday I started with core strength training again, since my lower back is relatively mad at me.

Also, yesterday was the Leipzig Marathon. Shame on me, but I had totally forgotten about it. Well, it doesn't come through street that I look upon anymore, so that's the reason. My parents live right on the track, so would I have been there, I wouldn't have been abled to escape it and probably would've had a day in mourning the fact that my knee is still misbehaving. But it is getting better, so I will eventually start with running again. And yes, I mean running. Not jogging! :)

Foodwise I'm still on Paleo with the occassional cheating, though I'm really strict when it comes to grains. Yes, I did eat chocolate (provided it is grain free) once or twice and on Friday evening, when I went out with friends, I had potatoe wedges with sour cream and a Cosmopolitan. From this outing I even got sore muscles! Because I wore "high" heels, the front muscles of my feet were quite unhappy on Saturday morning. ;)

And on Thursday I received my first postcrossing postcard. From the US. And it's a really nice card too. :D 

I wish all of you a great week, good training and if you have a race this week, best of luck for that, too.


Monday, 11 April 2011

On Day 8 make 7 in the morning and 8 at night

Pushups that is. Yep, forgot to make my seven on Saturday and had to do them on Sunday. At the moment this isn't such a problem, but as soon as I get to the higher numbers...  Just think, I forget at Day 77 and therefore have to make 155 on Day 78. Oyveh.

Well, I made up for this with stuffing me silly through yesterdays lunch. My Grandpa had invited us for his 88th birthday. I had a ukrainian Soljanka, then a steak "Strindberg" (without fries) and then topped it off with icecream. I skipped dinner without missing it one bit(e). Well, as I've said before, I'm getting better at balancing out my diet. ;)

Baltic Sea shortly after the sun had set.

April weather is on my side, so far I can use my bike for every needed way. But at Friday I will use public transport, because at 9:30 AM I have another ...

I wish all of you a wonderful new week, fantastic training (weather) and enjoyable food.


Thursday, 7 April 2011

Day 4 already the forgetting starts

Yep, nearly forgot to do my pushups yesterday. Well, I remembered just before switching off the light and did them. 

At least I'm cycling everyday now and my behind is finally getting used to it again. *sigh*

I'm also getting much better at balancing out my diet.

And I found a new fun thing: postcrossing! Getting greetings from all over the world and sending greetings to all over the world, such a sweet thing. I send out my first 5 postcards in the last two days and now I can hardly wait to see from where I get my first cards. 


Monday, 4 April 2011

Day 2 of my 101-Push-Up-Challenge

I hope all of you had an amazing time this weekend I certainly had and Sunday was bordering on perfection. Sleeping in, enjoying a tasty breakfast, switching the winter to the summer wardrobe, pondering things while switching the wardrobe and pampering myself, cycling to my parents for a tasty lunch (barbecued chicken and carrots in my case), during lunch I had an awesome idea, then cycling to the apothecary garden and spending the afternoon there pondering things and drawing, riding my bike back home an hour before the thunderstorm hit Leipzig, enjoying a nice dinner, reading Malcolm Gladwells "What the dog saw and other adventures" (great book by the way), after that I enjoyed reading some awesome things over at 1000 awesome things. Oh and did I mention that we had 23° C / 73,4° F?!! Like I said a truly awesome Sunday.

Now you want to know what my idea was? Well, easy, the 101-Push-Up-Challenge. I nicked the idea from the Burpee Challenge, which I didn't complete (I forgot all about it on day 4 or so. *Smirk* Yes, I'm a horrible athlete.) I chose 101 days, because it's a prime and I like primes. The rules are the same as with the burpee challenge. I start with one push-up on day one and then add one every day, so on day 7 I have to do 7 push-ups. I don't have to do them in a row (Though I did the two today in the row! Yeah, I know, I'm amazingly strong. *cough*). But admittedly I'm not doing real push-ups, I do "knee push-ups" meaning I have my legs up to the knees on the bed. Now, what I hope for is naturally that by the end of the challenge I'll be abled to do at least ten real push-ups and maybe one one-handed push-up. As a matter of fact, I've set my goal for this year to be abled to do five one-handed push-ups in a row. We'll see if I have reached that goal on December 31st!

I'm also back to eating Paleo, after stepping off the wagon during my vacation. So here is another Photo Booth Pic, taken half an hour ago.

Have a great week everyone and