Thursday, 21 April 2011

Day 18: the splitting begins

No, not headaches, the amount of push-ups that I do in one go. Why? Well, since yesterday my triceps are sore. So I figured, if I break the days number down in smaller packages, my muscles would have time to recover and let me do the whole challenge without any further ado.

I've also discovered a "new" hobby that I want to try out: Geocaching. Which is essentially modern treasure hunting. You can find out more about it here:

In any case I found that postcrossing is a wonderful hobby. For instance it is really surprising how long the postcards travel. I would've thought that the traveltime correlates to the distance it has to travel, but no. Taiwan took 7 days and a card to european town in Russia is still travelling after 16 days, thats 9000 km versus 1800 km and the longer trip is faster. Weird, huh? Okay, I admit it, at times I can become quite nerdy. But the best thing about postcrossing is to go to my mailbox with excitement, because now there is always a chance for finding a nice surprise. So far, I found two nice surprises in there, one from the USA and one from Canada. I really would like to get a card from South Korea or Argentina.

Tomorrow starts Easter in Germany. So now I'm off to the grocery store and after that I'm going to grace the German National Library with my attendance.

Happy Easter, if you celebrate it and best of luck for your races.



  1. Happy easter!! hope your training is going well.. I have my first adventure race next weekend.. and then first 1/2 ironman at the end of May... comingsoon!! xo oJ