Monday, 18 April 2011

On day 14 incorporate core strength

I'm pretty proud on myself today. Because today I didn't procrastinate my push-ups, I did all 15 in one go right after getting up. Yesterday I started with core strength training again, since my lower back is relatively mad at me.

Also, yesterday was the Leipzig Marathon. Shame on me, but I had totally forgotten about it. Well, it doesn't come through street that I look upon anymore, so that's the reason. My parents live right on the track, so would I have been there, I wouldn't have been abled to escape it and probably would've had a day in mourning the fact that my knee is still misbehaving. But it is getting better, so I will eventually start with running again. And yes, I mean running. Not jogging! :)

Foodwise I'm still on Paleo with the occassional cheating, though I'm really strict when it comes to grains. Yes, I did eat chocolate (provided it is grain free) once or twice and on Friday evening, when I went out with friends, I had potatoe wedges with sour cream and a Cosmopolitan. From this outing I even got sore muscles! Because I wore "high" heels, the front muscles of my feet were quite unhappy on Saturday morning. ;)

And on Thursday I received my first postcrossing postcard. From the US. And it's a really nice card too. :D 

I wish all of you a great week, good training and if you have a race this week, best of luck for that, too.


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