Friday, 4 March 2011

The same as in Ireland in 2009

A day of hanging out (not working) at Starbucks has put my head back where it belongs. On my shoulders, looking forward.

When I was in Dublin back in September 2009 I was in such rotten mood too. Which was weird since this was my vacation, but anyway I was right down in the hole. So I spend my day at a Starbucks, watching people, thinking about things and in the evening I was back to normal.

So this morning I decided to go to Starbucks and don't bring my Mac and just sit there and think and maybe write a letter to a good friend. And so I did. I wrote an 8! pages letter, I drank my first ever cappuccino and than a Vanilla Roiboos Tea to recover from the cappuccino (I'm don't trink real coffee). I totally lost track of time. I had a nice chat with my barista. It was a perfect, perfect day there. Then I went "shopping" for a mint green or turqoise scarf, I didn't find one that I liked enought to buy it, but it was a fun stroll nonetheless. Then I went to my cobbler, which was another nice walk. I got my shoes back which was way less expensive than I thought and she was even so nice to make another set of holes in my belt! Then I went back to the city and sat in the sun in front of the opera house, which was fantastic. And then I had another nice idea for my letter. I took a few pics of the place in the sun and printed them right out at the next drugstore. I think my friend will have a smile on her face when she opens that letter. And that's the whole reason for it. Oh yes, I also had my first icecream of the new season. Yes the weather was that nice.

So all in all I had a fantastic day and I also got some work done.

I wish all of you a happy and wonderful weekend.


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