Thursday, 6 January 2011

Aissssshhhhh (beware maybe TMI)

So, now I've got a "full" cold, but thanks for the good wishes and advice. The throat isn't sore anymore but has "lovely" tasting mucus on it and last night my nose was closed, but it isn't running, yet. Since I needed sleep desperately, I took some nasal spray. After 7 months of freedom!! Aishhhh. Well, I will only take it at night as to be abled to sleep and only for the nights that it is absolutely necessary.

Going to my parents yesterday maybe wasn't the smartest idea, because I ate some toast and cookies. Which lead to a bloated stomach, which left me feeling as if I had suddenly gained a 100 pounds. Eeeeshhh. I also drank a lot of tea, but I'm really unsure where it went!?! Mmmh, I'll definitely not weigh myself until the end of the month. And as of today I'm back to normal Paleo - eating. Conventional diet is BAD, bad, bad for me. I just have to buy some food later on. I'm running out of milk and eggs and veggies and coconut oil. By the way, the recipe from last weeks taste bud adventures is good with hard boiled eggs and pork tenderloin too.

I'll present you another easy and really delicious recipe soon, one ingredient are carrots.

Hope all of you feel alright.


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