Friday, 28 May 2010

One week of freedom

Time for a little celebratory post!

It's been one week since I've been to my GP and got rid of my addiction to nasal spray.

Until a week ago I wouldn't leave the house without nasal spray, but on Wednesday I even went to Lower Saxony without it. That is a major accomplishment, I haven't done so in more than a decade!

I can't even begin to tell you how glad I am to finally be free of nasal spray. Lately this had me really worried, since the mucosa is very sensitive and important. I've heard horror stories about mucosa that starts to rot and therefore stink and the patient or its Doc can do absolutely nothing about it. No thanks, I really don't need THAT.

Since I'm free of the nasal spray I could go diving this summer. I haven't been for years, I've made my PADI Open Water Diver in 2005. Yes, I've tried a lot of sports until I finally "found" Triathlon. I've also tried gymnastics [I lived in the GDR, what do you think why we got all our olympic medals, we were tested from a very young age! Guess I was a real disappointment for my coaches. *grin*], yoga, skateboarding, mountainbiking, inline-skating, tapdancing, volleyball, track and field, taekwondo, hockey [without the ice], iceskating, cross-country skiing, snowboarding [that was fun, but you need snow and high mountains for it], bodybuilding [way to boring for me and I always loose count and get confused], aerobics [eeek], spinning [yes, loved it.], just running [gets a bit boring with the time and I really like to have a swimmers back and shoulder muscles]. Next on my "I've got to try this" list are: kite surfing, surfing (Maui, here I come!), rock climbing, para gliding, skydiving, wildwater rafting. Yeah, I'm nuts, I know.

And I definitely feel more comfortable in my own skin. I actually like myself and my body a bit more and am on a good way too actually love myself and my body. This is also a major accomplishment.

So in effect I'm really glad I did this homeopathic screening. It really helps if you've got a good doc.

This weekend its strength training (drills) and I'll do my annual tax declaration, plus some serious reading (Harvard Business Manager issue and "gluten-free girl") as for relaxation I'll watch "High Society" with Frank Sinatra, Bing Crosby and Satchmo. Chris has a stiff neck so we probably won't go on our bike ride.

What kind of movies do you like? Have you tried different sports?

PS: Bought myself tons of fresh produce on the farmers market in coffee break, for example fresh pea pods, apricots and apples (Elstar variety). I also got sundried unsulfurized fruit, papaya, dragonfruit and honey melon. Yummy and healthy and free of cereals and bad carbs.



  1. Wow, you lived one very busy active life.

  2. It's insane, I hear about people addicted to nasal spray all the time, a true addiction. Glad you kicked it!