Thursday, 27 May 2010

Lucky Day indeed!

Morning pals.

So I went to Lower Saxony yesterday for the interview. Due to the train time table I had an interview of about 4 hours! No, it wasn't an assessment centre.

First an informal part were the physicists ate their lunch (I "couldn't" eat, otherwise I'd have spilled something on me and then there is my weird eating style [no cereals, etc]) and we talked about triathlon training. Turns out they are triathletes and cyclists too. (During the whole process of the interview I had more than once the impression they invited me just because I'm a triathlete!)

At one o'clock the official interview began, with four in this project involved physicists and engineers (all men) and one woman, the equal opportunity commissioner (how funny is that?! LoL. I'm an engineer, I'm used to work with men![Actually they are easier to handle than an only women team, I'm speaking from experience here.]).
I had to tell them about my studies and why I applied for this job and they told me about the project, it's fascinating and on the edge of technological feasibility. The lead systems engineer asked me if I had a plan for my triathlon "career", so I told them, they were impressed. (My plan is (or was, due to the knee issue) to finish Challenge Roth in 2013!) This interview took about 1:40 hrs. After that I had a small talk with the group manager (physicist) about the monetary issues (the HR is on vacation). The last part was a viewing of the institute, they even showed me the vacuum chambers where they test parts of upcoming satellite instruments and the clean room (from the outside!). Sooo fascinating (for real!)!

The weird thing of this whole day was that I've been completely calm, to say it british "I stayed as cool as cucumber". Normally I'm nervous and sleep like crap the night before, but no. I slept through! Also, after the interview I didn't fall into this whole "oh-what-the-hell-did-I-tell-them-they-never-take-me-I'm-sooo-bad-and-incapable" thing. Okayokayokay, so I found some "better" reasons to the question of why I want to work there, but that's nothing compared to the hell I put myself through after other interviews!

I still think that this job would suit me and I would be fabulous in it (after the starting time).

Anyway, I got home around half past 8 and had some bratwurst and a yogurt. (One after another, I'm not that crazy. [Well, not anymore ;-P])

But the lucky day didn't end with this meal!! Right afterwards I checked my emails and guess what: I've been invited to the assessment center for the master studies!!! Yes, the scream of joy you heard yesterday evening around 9 PM CET was mine. XD
Mark June 18th in your calenders, that is the day when I get assessed, which is the next hurdle on my way to Super Job / Master Studies. STRIKE!!!! Wahoooooooo!

Then I talked for about an hour with a good friend of mine on the phone. So fun, to end a day like this.

Oh, I also found a copy of the Havard Business Manager and you know what the funny thing is? Its title story is about the "global manager", the master studies I apply for is Master of Science for International Management, talk about coincidence. ;-)

Well, this is it. I'm still quite a bit tired and would love to go home and crawl into my bed to just sleep. Yawn!

KEEP MOVING FORWARD! (Don't forget to rest properly!)


  1. Awesome! Elle was right, it was your lucky day!

  2. Congratulations - sounds like a great day!!! Wooo!!!

  3. CONGRATS!!!! So that was you I heard?