Friday, 21 May 2010

Space time: 2010-05-26-1300

We write the year 2010. The earth, in a small town in Lower Saxony a female engineer sets out to change the future of the solar research. (Imagine the Star Trek theme playing in the background and a satellite rushing by...)

Yep, I've got an interview at a well known research fascility, for a job where I should organize a project (project assistent) in a field that, well, how to put it .... ;-P But hey they invited me, major accomplishment since they normally don't accept degrees made at universities of applied sciences! See, to write my last will with 15 and handing down my Star Trek Collection to the NASA was worth something! It got me this interview (only 17 years later, talk about coincidence). ;-)

So this weekend I'll divide my time between taking pictures of the Wave and Gothic festival in Leipzig and learning about solar research. Well, this makes up for an interesting mix, don't you think?!

Originally, Chris and I wanted to make a bike and photo tour to Röcken, where Friedrich Nietzsche was born. But since I still haven't fully recovered... (some coughs here and there, still hoarse)

In 2 hours I'll also know what the culprits for my health issues are. I'll get the results and the first treatment of my homeopathic screening.

Exciting times lie ahead.

A big Thank You to Marit (hilarious post btw) and Big Daddy Diesel and all others for your good wishes.


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  1. Ahhhhhh nice, your plan to rule the world is in motion, by researching the main power source of the universe, the sun. Brillant!!!