Monday, 24 May 2010

Pentecost or WAIT: today is Monday? - Taste Bud Adventures Week 3

I think the title says all. We've got Pentecost or Whitsun in Germany now and today, MONDAY, is public holiday, so I lost track of time and didn't post the Taste Bud Adventures yesterday evening. SORRY.

To answer AZs question. Yes, I'm fine again, some cough here and there but except for that... AND what's even more important: I am FREE from my nasal spray addiction!! HUGE thanks to my GP / Homeopath! Since this worked the other stuff he did will work too and that means.... ahh, that's too private. Let's just say, he cleaned out some psychological issues of mine.
He also gave me homework, I had to read a book and I did it already and put its suggestions to work. So far, everything works out fine.

TASTE BUD ADVENTURES WEEK 3: Cheese without bread

Weird name, huh? Well, as you know I cut out bread from my diet, but I still like cheese, especially fresh creamy goats and sheeps milk cheese. And since this stuff needs something to go along with I came up with this "recipe".

1 pear or apple
your favourite creamy fresh cheese (Try "La Tur Alta Langa", yummy!)

Kitchen appliances:
knife, cutting board or plate

Preparation Time:
2 minutes

Lunch or Dinner or as appetizer (depending on your hunger and the amounts of cheese and fruits)

1. Wash the fruit thoroughly.
2. Cut it in quarters or eighths (depending on the fruitsize), free it of the core and arange it with the cheese on the plate.
3. To eat smear some of the cheese on a piece of fruit.

Et voila.

Have a great new week.


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  1. Never thought of eating cream cheese on an apple, I dunk mine in peanut butter, I am going to give yours a try