Monday, 31 May 2010

Learning from my mistakes?

Well not so much as it seems.

I've decided to can the schedule for my Taste Bud Adventures. Point is I want to write them whenever I feel like it and not to have some big post looming over my head every Sunday. This "oh, I have to write a food post today" does take the much needed unwinding out of Sunday for me. So from now on you get the Taste Bud Adventures whenever I feel like it.

What has this to do with learning from mistakes? Well, before I started this blog I had two others (I don't even remember the names anymore) while I had absolutely no plan for the first blog, I had a strict schedule for the second blog. I wanted to post a product/service idea every Friday. I kept this up for the same time I did with the Taste Bud Adventures, 2 or 3 weeks. So I should have known that I wouldn't keep my posting schedule, but I thought I'd stick to it now. Doesn't look this way.
In any case, I write this blog for fun, so why put some unnecessary pressure on me?

Yesterday I cooked the Sunday Lunch. Which contained nearly no carbohydrats, since there was no rice, potatoes or bread. It was literally very green and healthy. And besides that really tasty. I could have eaten the kaki and mangetouts just like this, I loved them. Who needs bread if you can have fresh mangetouts?!

By the way this is the fridge that I want for my flat:

The SMEG FAB28CS6 Farbenfroh. It isn't exactly inexpensive, but it's energy efficient and fun.

When I started reading "Gluten-Free Girl" on Friday I felt like I was confirmed time and again. As you know I've already suspected from my own eating trials that I might be allergic to cereals. And reading the symptoms from which Shauna has suffered all her life made me even more certain that I am allergic to gluten. So now I'm cutting out more and more stuff from my diet that makes me ill. Funny thing is, a friend of mine which is a alternative practitioner, recommended the blood type diet. Since my blood type is A I should be eating cereals and not protein to loose weight and get healthy going after this diets recommendations. Well, I guess you can think of what I think about this diet... Hahaha.

This weekend I did my strength drills. My stomach muscles are practically virtually non-existent. When I did my crunches I felt my back muscles after ten crunches! Well anyway, I'll do my drills.

This afternoon I'll have a "Map-Finding"-workshop which is part of my preparation for the assessment center. You know those interview questions like "Where do you see yourself in five years?" and "What is your goal in life?", up until now I could only shrug. This "Map-Finding" will help me to pin my goals down more accuratly especially in career terms. Except for this crazy interview last week, I don't think that potential employers want to hear: "Oh yeah, my goal is to finish Ironman Hawaii in 2017!"
I'll also make an appointment for a self-presentation workshop, since the assessment center will have this part too. This way I'm fully prepared and will rock this ac and get to the next stage, the interview at the company with the Super Job. Stuttgart and international management here I come. My secret plan to take over the work is well under way. Muahahahahaarrrrr!!

Do you have a map for your life or a career plan?


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  1. I ahve a map, its in neautral thanks to the economy, hopefully it will get better soon.