Friday, 7 May 2010


I'm really into A*Teens "Bouncing off the ceiling (Upside Down)" this week. I saw a Star Trek Kirk/McCoy Video with it on youtube and I couldn't get it out of my head. So I bought it at iTunes yesterday evening and since then it's only this song I hear. Talking about singlemindedness. ts, ts, ts.

On the job front two things:
1. I still haven't applied for the super job/Master class. The reason: minor but time consuming technical issues with my new MacBook Pro. The data migration didn't work the way I liked it, so I had to copy and paste. Before I could attempt the data migration I had to get a firewire adapter, because "airport" at my old iBook was all "Nonononono, I don't want toooo." (Imagine a pouting technical device!) So I was dragging and dropping and organizing until after midnight.
This evening I'm invited to a friend of mine. K. I'll use this casual meeting to narrow and focus my skill set and strengths with her help. Poor K, she's got no idea what she is in for ;-)
2. Remember that I'm a member of a political party? Well, it has some benefits. Next week is a 1 1/2 day communications workshop on persuasion (In a good way! Never had dispute class(?) and need this desperatly.) for a really, really, really low fee. Just what I needed for the assessment center preparation. Hah. I love my party. (On this note: what's happening in the UK now, is going to be really interesting. A hung parliament, ohh, they're in for HUGE trouble.)

My room is still really neat. Though I will vacuum today after class. Do you have any good ideas how to order a lot of cables in a drawer? The mess in my technology drawer is really getting on my nerves. (Ouuuh, watch out, I'm developing into a neatfreak here ;-)

Yoga and stretching wise I'm getting a bit lazy. I skipped yesterday morning because I was too tired (light insomnia since Sunday, for no apparent reason). And today I was a bit too caught up in updating my financial status to recognize time sneaking around the corner.

The homeopathic screening went really well, I can recommend it wholeheartedly. I've got an appointment for May 21st for the evaluation and start of the treatment. And I'm really excited about it. Obviously almost all of my health issues are due to two problem areas. A scar from a surgery trough my navel and my upper front teeth. And some of my psychological issues could be solved too. Ah, if only my second appointment would be today!!!

Still no clearing for running, but my doc said my leg muscles are strong. (Wonder where he got this idea from?) So on Sunday Chris and I will hit the road with our bikes again.
Except for that this weekend is all about the superjob and getting my other applications out. Today I need to find out how to export and change pics in iPhoto 2009. As soon as I find out, you'll get some pill art in this post.
Here it is:

This lunch break I saw a woman with thighs as "thick" as my upper arms. It looked horrible. Like she walked on twigs instead of legs.

Good luck to Missy, Molly and all others of you for your race days (oh well, training too). I cross fingers and toes for you.

(PS: Don't forget Mothers Day!)


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  1. Good to know I'm not the only one with a drawer full of cables an such. When you figure it out - let me know :) Yoga IS great! And woo hoo for leg strength...that was never in question. Even here in the US, we're following the British elections with interest....and the fiasco in Greece. Wow.... Have a super weekend!