Sunday, 23 May 2010

Super Job Application

Good morning.

It's done. I send out the application for the Super Job / Master study a few minutes ago. Before that I got up at 8 (on a Sunday morning!!!) to write the cover letter, which I made kind of like a check list.

1. finished bachelor studies with communication focus (in my case it's a german engineering diploma which is somewhere between bachelor and master of engineering)? Check
2. Experience in Racing? Check
3. project management experience? Check
And so on.

At 10 o'clock I arrived at my friends house to not only give him his guitar amp (his birthday present, finally (I had it stored for months, but somehow we didn't get around to meet)) but also to combine all the files in one PDF document.

I drove back home and send out the application. Now I'll start with the preparations for Wednesday interview. Solar research here I come. (NASA is shaking like a jelly, because they are so scared of my expertise in this field. LOL (No, the interview is not with the NASA.))

On the sport front. I do some strength drills over the day and that's about it. Depending on the weather I will take my bike to get to class from this week on.

Enjoy your weekends.


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  1. I've been way away from commenting recently. Glad you are feeling better. You are feeling better aren't you? Best of luck with this job.