Wednesday, 19 May 2010

Not fully recovered but slightly less cough attacks

Hey there,

I'm still on sick leave and I can't say I'm too mad about it, since I still have the snot and my right tonsil is still mad at me. Depending on how I feel tonight I'll go to my doc again tomorrow morning, since I don't see any reason to infect my classmates.

There aren't any tri-related news on my part, since I mainly sit at home, read, eat and sleep.

These days I'm interested in recovering and finding a new job, no sport goals, sorry pals.

Besides that my interest in the international economy is revived. Yesterday I found the really interesting website Now I finally know what the BRIC and the MAVINS are, this is all quite interesting. I also like a lot and the, too.

Keep Moving Forward.


  1. Triathlon and sports will always be here - so definitely work on the recovery and feeling better. YES - jobs are very important - good luck! :)