Tuesday, 4 May 2010

Taking a step back to get forward - Post 150

I'll apply for a special job that is combined with getting a Masters degree.(Since I plan to rule the world, a MSc. would help and the job is great.)

Due to a really nightmarish doctor appointment I strayed from my no cereals rule yesterday.
(Gynecologists I hate them and whoever came up with their test methods should be spanked. I get cramps just thinking about this appointment.)

I've strayed from my no cereal rule today too, due to major stupidity, I didn't pack enough food for class.

My room has been neat for 48 hours now. That's a record. That's all thanks to Colin Cowie. Another week of keeping it this need and the man should be decorated.

My knee feels good and tomorrow I see my doc, so I might start with running again this weekend. ´

The last two days I stretched and did two yoga positions before leaving for class.

Unfortunately I slept like crap in the last 2 nights and that after being awake way longer than I wanted too.

My current weight is 64,2 kg. (At least it was before I ate cereals.)

I feel sick from the bagels. It was a bad decision to eat them. And even worse to forget to bring enough food.

My big scheme is to own 333.333,- € on my banking accounts in 10 years.

Apple is fast, my new MacBook will arrive on Thursday. Wahooo.

Keep moving FORWARD!
But sometimes you have to take a step back to see the way through the bog.


  1. Did I understand that right, you get paid and get to earn your masters? Now that is a job!!

    I couldnt finish my bagel this morning

  2. Don't forget to keep an eye out for good minions. The world ruler always needs minions.