Tuesday, 22 December 2009

Right on time for christmas the snow is thawing

We've got 7.8° C = 46° Fahrenheit today and that means no white christmas! Bugger!!! The weather change was so "dramatic" that I got headaches yesterday evening, I never had something like this before.

Girls thing. Guys can skip!
Today I feel like crap because of the first day of Red Week, so I won't train. Speedtraining is tomorrow anyway and I can use another day for recovery. Hey, even I'm just human. And I know for certain Mark Allen and Dave Scott never had to deal with this monthly crap. One question to you tri girls out there, do you take your period into planing your races or do you just say on this day is the race and I don't care if I have my period then?! I always wondered about that one.

Next topic, guys approved! ;-D
Since almost everyone out there in blogland has put up his or her 2010 race schedule I think I should make mine too. At this moment there is only one thing sure. The Leipzig Marathon on 25th of April 2010. I think I want to do Athens Marathon in October, too. The question is just can I afford it. (There is still no news from little town or Düsseldorf.) I might even do a tiny little triathlon (0,75-21-5 km) in June on Castle Moritzburg, depending on time and having or not having a car. At the moment I have no race bike or neo and I can't swim proper freestyle. But I've decided to start with a masters course on the next possible date, which is end of March.

My big all time goal is finishing Ironman Hawaii. I don't know at this moment where I'll do my first long distance tri, only when: 2013! And I know, that I want to do Challenge Roth and an Ironman in New Zealand. Great planning, huh?

By the way, do you have a new years resolution? Mine is to learn a proper handstand. Because I could never do one and it has nothing to do with triathlon, so...

Two pics from Sunday for your eye relaxation.

Oh, I had a half Gluehwein at the christmas market on Saturday. I'm not into this Gluehwein stuff, I prefer waffles with vanilla cream. I got my last one for this year today, after I've been to the employment agency and the school center where I will take a project management class from January on.

That's it for today. Hope you have a white christmas and not this undecided weather we've got today!

Keep running!

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  1. Don't worry about having a "race" bike or swimming a "proper" stroke. People do triathlons in every possible fashion; important part is that they are doing them. Just like you.