Sunday, 27 December 2009

Yep, track training is it

Okay, first I went on the track and really ran, but not rounds. I didn't have the strength to actually do full rounds. So I ended up running the straights and walking the curve. I also did 3 straights on my balls (feet balls, what the hell were you thinking?! I'm a girl, for crying out loud.) and what can I say, it felt sooooooo RIGHT. I worked mainly on my motions. I was on the track for about 35 min and at the start my Polar had the same behavioural issues like yesterday, but after 10 min it started to work right, so the track stats have to be taken with care. And I don't need to buy a new chest belt and send the old one in. :-D

time: 35 min.
in zone: 17:51 min
HR: 138 bpm

After that I didn't march the big round at the Markkleeberger See, because I didn't feel like it. Since I promised to listen to my body... I have to say, it was a really nice round of about 6 to 7 k. I even got the gift to see a gray heron. I love these birds, they look so elegant.

The stats:
time: 1:08 hr
in zone: 14:05 min
HR: 117 bpm

I also decided to change my training schedule. The runs are a lot shorter and more often, not just 3 times a week. This way I feel, I can do more track work and build my strength in a better way, than with the long and slightly boring runs of the beginners marathon schedule. I really think track work is the best for me at the moment. I'll talk with my coach on January 7th about it.

That's it for today. I hope you're all safely back from your holidays and might have gotten a little session in today.

Keep running

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